2022 Home Security Tips

With over 2.5 million home burglaries reported in the United States each year, and half of these being home invasions, it’s no wonder home security has become a priority to many families. Whether you own or rent your house, your … Continue reading

Can You Bypass Garage Door Sensors?

Is your garage door not working well? Is it stuck open or shut, and you can’t budge it? You’re probably having a problem with the garage door sensors.  Garage door openers have sensors that will automatically stop them from closing … Continue reading

How To Tell If Someone Hacked Your Router

Too many people take the convenience of internet availability for granted to appreciate how vulnerable they have become to cyber attacks. Does your internet slow down to a crawl often? Are you noticing that unsolicited apps and programs are being … Continue reading

Can Wired Security Cameras Be Hacked?

When you have a security system, you want to keep it away from the reach of a criminal. Unfortunately, these nefarious individuals don’t have to be close to your security cameras to cause trouble. Security cameras can be hacked, even … Continue reading

Why Are Security Cameras So Low Quality?

Today, security cameras and surveillance are part of everyday life. Despite technological advancements, the CCTV footage always appears to be grainy and low-quality. Why does that happen? In many cases, it is because of the compression and resolution of the … Continue reading