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DMP security code alarm

Some of the most popular products from TriStar Security Services involve access control, including cutting-edge features such as adding Bluetooth credentials for convenient unlocking of doors using your cell phone.

Our solutions include  systems that allow access with easily programmable cards or RFID fobs, photo badging methods, electrified locking hardware, and more. 

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Options from Digital Monitoring Products for fire safety include products that detect smoke or a change in temperature and even some that can sense IR flame flicker.

These fire alarms detect fires earlier than other systems, which allows for a faster response. They can also be integrated into a larger fire safety system, which can even include cameras and cloud software.

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One of the most common forms of digital monitoring is done to prevent intrusion. 

Contact sensors help determine if a door is open or closed and can send out an alert whenever the door opens. Advanced motion detectors can differentiate between humans and pets, setting off an alarm when a human intruder is detected but not when a pet passes by.

Alarm System

Alarms need to be powerful and effective in order to provide any benefit. The alarms from Digital Monitoring Products achieve both of these goals.

These offer 110 dB dual tones to alert anyone in the area, a sturdy design, to withstand general wear and tear, the ability to work both inside and outside, and more.

Obtaining DMP Products

DMP products are clearly effective and offer many unique solutions. They are also effective in a number of different areas and industries. This leads to many home and business owners running to the computer to search for “DMP products near me.” 

However, you don’t need a search to find Digital Monitoring Products, as TriStar can help with this. We’ve been installing DMP products since 2003. This has given us an in-depth understanding of these products and how they work. 

Specifically, we plan to keep providing the Austin, TX, area with DMP products. Currently, we are the only independent dealer/installer for DMP products in the area. So, if you’re looking for DMP installation in Austin or any other kind of work with DMP products, TriStar is here for you.


Let Us Help Keep Your Business Safe and Secure

Ready to get started with Digital Monitoring Products that will keep your property safe and secure? Contact TriStar Security Services today.

DMP products truly are the best of the best when it comes to providing effective and safe security. Using them lets you keep a property, business, or household safer while making it more convenient. Failing to use them exposes the property to threats and makes life more difficult for everyone involved.

When you think about the products from DMP for your home, business, or property, make sure to consider how the experts at TriStar Security Services can help. We are your DMP dealer in Austin. We provide and install a wide variety of Digital Monitoring Products that can help you out. If you aren’t sure what you want when it comes to security, we can help with that too! Our security consultants can help identify vulnerabilities and determine which products will help the most.



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TriStar handles our security and access at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and they have been phenomenal! Our security setup is easy to use, and the quality is the best!
Rebecca Lockerbie
Events & Engagement Coordinator
I have worked with TriStar Commercial through my company for approximately 13 years and they have always provided timely responses and high quality service.
Carrie Massar
Information Security Auditor
Tristar provides excellent value for a lot less than the other guys, Tristar monitors my alarm and has helped me add features as needed without 3-year contracts.
Luis Davis
Consistently, they are prompt on handling alarm calls 9accidental or otherwise) and the occasional technician appointments to tweak or repair seem reasonably priced.
Samuel Baker
Project Manager
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No Matter Your Industry, We’ll Keep You Safe

Commercial Properties

High-functioning systems provide a blanket of security with features and functions that enable commercial customers to protect their employees, facilities and businesses more effectively. Our Austin DMP systems are designed with employees and service providers in mind, so keypads are easy to operate, regardless of experience level.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions deal with plenty of valuable assets. This often takes the form of information and data, which needs to be kept secure. The level of access control provided by Digital Monitoring Products helps with this.


The solutions offered by DMP can help eliminate many problems plaguing the retail sector in Austin. The most obvious is in security. Simply having security cameras prevents a lot of theft from taking place but having them there also makes it easier to rectify the situation when theft does take place. Meanwhile, other technologies allow the industry to become more streamlined and efficient.


The residential sector also has plenty to gain from Digital Monitoring Products. Everyone in Austin, TX wants to feel safe and secure in their home. Glass break detection, panic buttons, and alarms can help with this. Meanwhile, home security cameras and intrusion prevention systems help prevent someone from breaking in while no one is home.

Key Features

Made in America

DMP's products are 100% made in America . The factory is currently in Springfield, Missouri.

Multiple Uses

An all-in-one security solution that can handle access control, security systems, fire monitoring, and more.


Incredibly High Standards

One of only a select group of products with standards high enough to be allowed in government facilities.

Wireless Control

capable of operating entirely off of a cellular signal. This eliminates many problems that could strike the system and allows it to stay up more effectively.