Commercial Access Control in Austin

Manage who has access to your facility with flexible integrated access control solutions. Our systems provide increased security and control and data-driven insights. 

  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • Client-Server Solutions
  • Industry Specific Solutions 
  • Touchless Entry
  • Live Alerts 
  • Unlimited Scalability

Have an Existing Security System? No Problem!

Commercial Access Control in Austin

Increase the efficiency of your security operation with TriStar’s sophisticated access control solutions.  We help you solve complex security challenges with a wide range of today’s advanced access solutions, covering one door to hundreds. 

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Commercial access control systems are sophisticated security solutions designed to regulate who can enter and exit various areas within a business facility. These systems play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of both physical and intellectual property, employees, and visitors. They can range from simple electronic keypads that require a code for entry to advanced biometric systems that use fingerprint, facial recognition, or iris scanning for authentication.

These systems often include access control panels, which act as the central hub for managing entry permissions, and readers installed at entry points to validate credentials. Modern systems are integrated with other security measures like surveillance cameras and alarm systems, offering a comprehensive security framework. Don’t wait to secure your facility. Call TriStar at (512) 733-0944 today.

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