Apartment Complex Security

Apartment Complex Security Systems

A well designed and integrated security system for an Austin apartment complex can limit personal risk to tenants and provide apartment management with protection against theft and vandalism. It can also help eliminate the threat of lawsuits surrounding premises liability and security negligence. Apartment owners have been on the losing end of a growing number of lawsuits in recent years due to inadequate or non-functioning security systems.

Most apartment complex security systems include perimeter access control using security gates and card access to public areas and a well placed video surveillance camera network.

Apartment Complex Video Surveillance

In order to provide the security your facility needs and at the same time protect tenant’s rights to privacy, a well designed system is required. Cameras should be located in public areas such as pools, parking lots, laundry rooms, community buildings and playground areas. Coverage of individual tenant entrance doors should be avoided. Digital camera systems including a network video recorder can be set up to allow remote viewing and constant online monitoring.

TriStar Commercial Security can review your current security system and your individual security needs. Every Apartment complex and condominium community in Austin is different and requires different systems. Our outdoor camera systems are designed to provide protection against the elements and vandalism. You can include audible alarms, motion sensors as well as IR capabilities for night viewing. We will review a large number of factors during our design consultation. Crime rate, tenant turnover rate, any current system in place, parking situations and public areas are just a few of the things that need consideration in order to select the best system for the least cost.

Call or contact us today for a free security walk through and evaluation. We have years of experience in the commercial security field, and regularly provide security consulting for Austin security companies. Most importantly, our technicians provide all the onsite training your staff requires. We are a local Austin security company and will be here to go over any question s you may have after your system is installed.