Top 10 Security Companies In Austin TX

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Protecting your home and business are high priority, so finding the right security company is vital. They can secure your loved ones and valuables against intrusion, theft, and violence. Here are the top 10 security companies in this area.  

Top 10 Security Companies in Austin

If you live or have a business in Austin, Texas, here are ten of the top security companies that serve your area. 

1 TriStar Security Services

TriStar Secruity Services

At TriStar Security Services, we’re a home and commercial security systems company in Austin. We prioritize offering flexible security systems and services to meet your needs. 

We offer security cameras, access controls, commercial alarms, fire alarms, gate and tenant entry, and consulting for your home or commercial building. 

The access controls we provide are programmed to be more efficient at protecting your property and personnel from authorized visitors, vandalism, or any other criminal activity. They’re digital, so much better than lock-and-key systems. 

State-of-the-art technology means that our security cameras can be configured in any way you need to provide the level of safety you need.

Our well-trained team can install and monitor commercial alarms that meet all governmental and federal compliances. 

Our gates and entry solutions will prevent vehicular intrusion, which may be combined with integrated perimeter alerts and video surveillance systems. 

Our well-trained technicians stay up-to-date with the latest security hardware and software systems advancements.  

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2 Texas Veteran Security

Texas Veteran Security

The Texas Veteran Security company uses experienced veterans and former first responders to provide expert security services. They’re a Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau and make it their mission to give every level of protection, security, and training needed by their clients. Based in San Antonio, they also service the Austin area with 24/7 practical and experience-based protection.  

Their services include uniformed security (armed/unarmed), executive security, private investigative services, training academy, camera operations, and much more. 

3 ReconaSense


ReconaSense has a user-friendly platform that evaluates data from across your business, giving them real-time threat intelligence and many other security automation capabilities. These continuous observations enable them to adjust operator tasks, facility access levels, and the overall security posture allowing for the safe and secure flow of people and assets.  

Their platform is built on a Mercury-based physical security system that allows security operations to make your business safer and more secure.  

Does your home or commercial building need a good security strategy? Contact the security consultants at TriStar Security Services

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4 Tap Security

Tap Security

Tap Security is owned and operated by veterans and is dedicated to putting the needs of its clients and customers first. They are a reliable, prompt, and professional company that remains active while on your site.

The three major tenants of this company’s philosophy:

i) They’re dependable for their clients.

ii) They have professional attention to detail and keep a strong presence on your property.

iii)  Passion for their work.  

5 American Paratus Security Agency APSA

American Paratus Security Agency APSA

With over 100 years of security, law enforcement, and military experience, the American Paratus Security Agency has what it takes to meet your security needs.  

They provide safety for your home, business, community, or construction site. Their officers and investigators are well-trained with split-second problem-solving skills to handle whatever they encounter. 

This family-operated private security agency gives its customers personalized, responsive security services with integrity and dependability.  

6 TriShield Security and Investigations (TSSI)

TriShield Security and Investigations

TriShield Security and Investigations pride itself on being an old-fashioned company with an up-to-date business mentality. They focus their time and resources on their client’s safety and protection. Their elite-level security services include armed and unarmed security officers, fire watch, vehicle patrol officers, personal protection officers, private investigations, security consulting, parking enforcement, and private traffic control. They also provide emergency planning, special event security, concierge, security assessments, and loss prevention.  

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7 Top Gun Body Guard & Security Consulting

Top Gun Body Guard, Investigations & Security Consulting

Top Gun Body Guard & Security Consulting has over 75 years of experience and comprises law enforcement, investigations, military, and security leaders. They want you to make them your first choice when looking for a security firm. Their services include active shooter planning, security officer training, and executive protection.  

8 Ranger Guard and Investigations

Ranger Guard and Investigations

The Ranger Guard and Investigations company comprises highly trained and professional security officers, guards, and private bodyguards. Their armed guards are licensed to carry weapons in the process of their duties. They are qualified to patrol, surveil, and maintain peace in Austin.  

They offer mobile patrol security guard services. They make themselves a frequent, visible presence when patrolling to discourage criminal activity

This company also offers workplace security, unarmed security officers, K9 Dog Protection services, and security for special events, sporting events, and building security.  

9 State Guard Petrol 

State Guard Petrol 

The State Guard Petrol believes that training is crucial in providing the best security for its clients. Their guards undergo extensive initial training. They spend time in classrooms with veteran officers, where their instruction includes state law, report writing, public relations, and safety and emergency procedures. 

Their training and education continue throughout, leading to advanced certifications. The company keeps its staff up-to-date with the latest policy changes, new safety concerns, criminal developments, and public notices. State Guard Petrol officers are even taught all about your particular property and its requirements.  

10 Fort Knox Security Services

Fort Knox Security Services

Whether you’re looking for a home security system or you have a small business, Fort Knox Security Services is here for you. They are a security system alarm installation and monitoring company, offering options for medical and fire alarm monitoring, police, as well as the most cutting-edge home and business automation systems. You can enjoy complete remote control from your desktop or mobile device. Their systems include cameras (indoor, outdoor, and doorbell).  

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Finding a Security Company in Austin, TX

Depending on the unique needs of your home or business security, you can find an excellent security company in Austin, Texas. They are experts in various areas of security, from software systems to hardware systems to personnel. Shop around and enjoy the high quality and expertise of security companies in Austin. 

Are you looking for a security company with excellence and integrity? Please visit TriStar Security Services today!