Security Alarm Maintenance for Austin Homes and Businesses

Because TriStar Commercial Security is a local independent Austin security company, our technicians are trained in installation and maintenance of all the major types of fire and burglar alarm systems on the market. We can upgrade, repair and maintain your wireless and wired GE, ADT, DMP or any security alarm system you might have installed in your Austin home or business. We have experience with the latest technological advances in video surveillance systems and can repair and update your system while doing a thorough inspection to insure your surveillance cameras are working properly.

As today’s security alarm systems become more and more technologically sophisticated, the installation and maintenance of these systems require that security technicians receive constant training. Our technicians are able to inspect and provide alarm maintenance for systems that are equipped with all the up to the minute monitoring capabilities such as:

  • Smoke and Heat detection
  • On-site or remote video monitoring
  • Unauthorized access control
  • Security Gate functions
  • Heating, air conditioning and lighting management
  • Temperature detection and monitoring
  • Humidity detection and monitoring
  • Pressure threshold detection and monitoring
  • Power loss detection and monitoring automatic switching to backup generator
  • Leak detection and monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide detection and monitoring
  • Tank level detection and monitoring

Every Alarm Manufacturer Has Recommended Maintenance Procedures

Alarm maintenance requirements depend on what type of alarm system you have installed in your Austin residence or business. The alarm system installer probably went over the recommended maintenance procedures with you when you purchased your security system. If you are like many Austin homeowners, finding the instructions or remembering the procedures will not be an easy task. Each specific type of sensor heat, smoke, carbon dioxide, etc. will require a different type of testing and maintenance in order to insure its proper function and continued operation. Many of these tests are done by the system automatically on a pre-set interval, but not all.

Call us For a Free Inspection

Contact us and we will send a technician over to do a complete inspection of your Austin alarm system. We will make sure everything is working as designed and perform any checks and tests that are required. If you are interested in upgrading to some of the newer more technologically advanced home or business alarm systems and video surveillance security systems, we can show you the most economical way to get the safety and peace of mind a totally integrated security alarm system can give you and your family.

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