Top Security Camera Monitoring Companies in Austin, Texas

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Property crime, crimes where someone’s property is stolen, damaged, or destroyed, is a concern for people in Austin, Texas. This is because the rate of property crime in Austin is generally higher than the average rate of property crime nationwide. Because of this, many people are looking for ways to protect their property. 

One way to do so is with a security camera or a full security camera monitoring system. However, it can be hard to know which companies are the best of the best in this field. That’s why we’ve created a list of the top security camera monitoring companies in Austin, Texas. Read on to discover each of them and find out which is the best for you.

1. TriStar Security Services

TriStar Security Services is #1 when it comes to security cameras. This is due to the variety of high-quality cameras TriStar offers and our reputation overall. 

The cameras TriStar can provide are diverse to suit a wide range of purposes. We can set you up with an affordable but effective analog camera if you’re looking for something basic. If you want something more advanced, an IP camera system can be an effective way to monitor the video feeds from your home digitally. We also can set you up with cameras specifically designed to work outdoors or in low-light settings. In the end, whatever kinds of cameras your home needs to keep it safe, we can provide them for you.

In addition, we provide security camera monitoring for both homes and businesses. We carefully assess each situation to ensure that we help you choose the best set-up, no matter your situation. 

TriStar is also a company you can trust. We’ve been in this business for years and have worked to secure residential, commercial, and even government properties. This has given us an in-depth understanding of what it takes to keep a location secure. We can then use this understanding to help you. 

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2. CHeKT

CHeKT is another company providing security for the residents of Austin through security cameras. The reason they stand out from other options comes from their approach to video alarm monitoring

This takes place through the company’s “Intelligent Visual Security System.” This takes in data from the security system and processes it in a pre-designated way. Then, when it detects something is wrong, it sends out an alert and allows professionals to respond to the event. 

For example, you can use this system to send an alert whenever it detects someone approaching during certain hours. This keeps an eye on your home whenever you’re not there. The system can even distinguish between different zones, meaning that it won’t trigger when people just walk by your house but will trigger when people get too close. Overall, the smart technology used here helps CHeKT stand above many competitors. 

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3. Alamo Smart Home

Alamo Smart Home does exactly what its name implies. They help you take advantage of smart technologies to have a safer and more secure home. This includes smart technologies like cameras. 

The cameras they specialize in are all cameras that can work for most basic scenarios. A doorbell camera can let you know who is coming to your door and can keep packages secure. An outdoor camera can be hidden anywhere to watch the perimeter of your house. Finally, indoor cameras keep watch over the valuables inside. These can be used separately or can be all used together to provide even more protection. 

Since these are all smart technologies, they all work alongside other smart technologies. This means that video feeds can be accessed over the internet, alerts can be delivered to your phone, and the whole system can work alongside other security systems. 

Want to learn more about the types of security cameras we offer at TriStar? Learn more about Eagle Eye Networks’ cutting-edge security cameras available at TriStar Security.

4. Builder Systems Group

Builder Systems Group, or BSG, offers many products and services you would expect from one of the top security camera monitoring companies in Austin, Texas. This means a range of different cameras to select and a system of monitoring that includes digital integration and alerts. They also offer various promotions and bundles that make their systems even more attractive. 

What makes BSG stand out are the reviews from its many satisfied customers. These come from a variety of sources and a variety of different people. The vast majority of them praise the company’s approach to security and the overall job the company did. Specifically, many talk about the company’s quick and painless method of setting up the security system and its excellent customer service. It seems like BSG goes the extra mile to help its customers. 

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5. Dyezz Surveillance

Dyezz Surveillance is a local Austin business that has been around since 2001. Over the years, they’ve developed a name for themselves in Austin as a company that is passionate about protecting their customers. They specialize in home video surveillance alongside alarm systems. 

The systems that they install are straightforward and to the point. They offer cloud-based systems that handle high-quality footage digitally. This allows you to check the footage in real-time and receive alerts whenever a security incident takes place. So, if you’re looking for a straightforward system like this, Dyezz Surveillance may be a solid choice for you. 

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6. SmartHauz

SmartHauz is another company focusing on using smart security cameras as part of an overall approach to creating a smart home. This means they offer cameras designed with digital access and smart alerts in mind. 

Because SmartHauz doesn’t place as much focus on security as other companies, they are lower on this list than the other options. However, they are a great choice for homeowners who specifically are looking to go all-in on making their home a smart home. SmartHauz can provide lighting, thermostats, sprinklers, garage doors, and more to help reach this goal. Some of the technologies they deal with even offer voice control. 

Ready for the security that comes with choosing the best security monitoring company in Austin, Texas? Contact TriStar Security and get started with your security assessment today. 

The Top Security Camera Monitoring Companies In Austin, Texas

If you’re looking for the top security camera monitoring companies in Austin, Texas, look no further. The options on this list can all help you pick a security system, install it for you, and generally keep your home more safe and secure. So, if you really want a company you can trust with the safety of your home or business, choose one of these options.

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