Home & Commercial Security Systems in Austin, TX

With cutting-edge technology, unwavering commitment, and local expertise, we deliver unmatched protection, making us the undeniable choice for safeguarding homes and businesses in the heart of Texas.

Access Controls Built For Your Business

Protect your property and personnel from unauthorized visitors, vandalism, and other criminal activity with our access control systems.

These systems can be programmed in many ways and because they’re digital they are more efficient in protection than traditional lock-and-key systems.

CCTV is one way to secure perimeters

The Best Cutting Edge Security Cameras In Austin

Digital video can provide organizational awareness and control that was unavailable without state-of-the-art technology. 

Our experienced sales representatives can help you design a custom system that will meet all your current security needs and allow for future expansion as your business grows.

Commercial Alarms You Can Count On

We are a local Austin company and our technicians are constantly undergoing training on the latest advancements in commercial security hardware and software systems. 

This includes training on Government, military facilities, and Industry regulations to ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local ordinances.

Parking Garages Have Cameras: What You Need To Know

Modern Gates & Tenant Entry Systems

Prevent unwanted vehicular access with a security gate system. Our installations range from single gated driveway entries to multi-gate installations with integrated perimeter alert and video surveillance systems.

Top Security Consulting Services In Austin Texas

Planning a security system for your business, commercial or industrial facility can be a challenging task.

We assess and evaluate all your security needs in order to develop an individualized security plan for you.

Fire Alarms For Any Home Or Business

We can tailor a system to meet your specific needs. Fire alarms are made for all kinds of businesses: grocery stores, movie theatres, restaurants, schools, banks, nursing homes, hospitals, and more.

The fire detection equipment we install is designed to require the least amount of maintenance and repairs.


TriStar handles our security and access at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and they have been phenomenal! Our security setup is easy to use, and the quality is the best!
Rebecca Lockerbie
Events & Engagement Coordinator
I have worked with TriStar Commercial through my company for approximately 13 years and they have always provided timely responses and high quality service.
Carrie Massar
Information Security Auditor
Tristar provides excellent value for a lot less than the other guys, Tristar monitors my alarm and has helped me add features as needed without 3-year contracts.
Luis Davis
Consistently, they are prompt on handling alarm calls 9accidental or otherwise) and the occasional technician appointments to tweak or repair seem reasonably priced.
Samuel Baker
Project Manager


a round white security camera mounted on a ceiling

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A smart home lock with a smart phone to control it.

Top 10 Security Companies In Austin TX

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What Cameras Can See Infrared & Top Uses for Them

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the nature of your property, building, and business. For most commercial sites, security has to deal with illegal entry, theft, and trespassing. This means intruder alarms and cameras are essential for your commercial security system. Also, fire alarms are equally crucial to your overall system for safety and building standards compliance. 

Your home security can be simple or complex. But for your basic needs, your security system can consist of magnetic sensors for entryways, infrared motion sensors inside and outside of the home, and a control panel with a loud siren. The panel should also be connected to a monitoring company that can dispatch emergency personnel. 


Your system can usually be operated remotely by keychain controls or apps on your smartphone to arm or disarm the system and alert you and monitoring personnel in case of emergency. 

Yes, our Austin Security Consultants can help you plan a security system for your Austin home or business. We’re well experienced with the ever-evolving and complex security systems technologies today. We can assist you from the design phase to the final installation inspection of your commercial security system. 

In case of a power cut, your security system will switch to backup battery power for up to 24 hours. If it relies on Wi-Fi, it may change to cellular backup. If, however, your system works over landlines, it should continue to work even in a power outage.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to wireless and hard-wired security systems. While a hard-wired system may seem more reliable, it can be more expensive to install, and there is always a risk of wires being cut – accidentally or intentionally. Wireless systems are more versatile and quicker to install with (or without) a technician. They are also portable and can be remotely operated. Wireless systems work with cellular signals which are stronger than those used for cell phones, but they’re also functional with weaker signals.

Most system control panels are built to be tamper-proof. Even an attempt to disable a system by breaking the control panel sends an alert to the monitoring company, which will send out emergency personnel.

Alarms are noisy and will set emergency procedures in motion, so false alarms should be avoided. You could also face penalty charges from the police, fire, or other emergency personnel. By law, you have 30 seconds to disable your security alarm before the monitoring company responds. Additionally, if your alarm is triggered, you can inform the monitoring company that you don’t require any service.

aOur security systems are flexible, and we’re happy to adapt our services to suit your unique needs. Talk to us and get a free quote. Accordion Content

At TriStar Security Services, we can handle the following:

  • Security cameras
  • Access controls
  • Consulting
  • Fire Alarms
  • Commercial security systems
  • Residential security systems
  • Gates and tenant entry systems
  • And much more

We would not recommend trying to install your commercial system on your own. An effective security system that accomplishes everything you need requires the professional expertise of a well-established security company. Your system may require hard-wiring into your electricity supply, angling cameras correctly, tamper-proofing, signal checks, and walk-throughs.