The first step in keeping your home safe is making it less appetizing to the people who plan to threaten it. Nothing scars away a home-invader quite like a friendly sign from one of Austin’s many alarm companies.

You may think that a rifle’s enough to keep you safe, but it can only be used as the last line of defense. Letting an intruder know you’re protected by an alarm company can keep them from ever thinking about disturbing your peaceful family. Plus, a rifle cannot protect your home while you’re away.

Austin Alarm Companies Can Help You Keep An Eye On Your House From Anywhere

When you’re a single dad taking care of a teenage son, while working, you know that having to go away on a business trip is a risky venture. Do you really trust your kid to be home alone by themselves? It’s likely that they’ll use this time to engage in risky behavior.

To keep your kid and your home safe, make sure you go with an alarm company that offers surveillance. Some surveillance options aren’t noticeable, so you don’t have to tell your teen about the camera before you leave. Of course, it’s always best to be honest and open with your kid.

Surveillance isn’t just for keeping those pesky teens at their best behavior. You can also use it to watch the babysitter while you’re at work if you have younger children. This is not an invasion of privacy. You have a right to know how the care taker you’ve hired is handling your child. It’s always polite to tell her about the nanny-cam.

Austin Alarm Companies: Get High-Tech Locks

An electronic lock may be the best way to ward off a home invader these days. It’s especially helpful if the home invader’s a stranger. Key locks seem like a secure manner of protecting your door, but a thief can easily make a mold when no one’s looking.

You can get really fancy with home security now-a-days. It’s even possible to get a thumb print protected door. There are Austin alarm companies that supply it, but it may not be the most convenient option. You’ll have to program in all the thumb prints of everyone you wish to have access to your house anytime they want. There’s no more not being home for the maid.

A Home Invader’s Favorite Tactic

It’s common for home invaders to bust through the window. They expect the door to be protected by a lock. Few home owners take the trouble to ensure their windows are safe. An Austin alarm company can install a sounding device that will go off if the glass is shattered. Some devices will go off if the window’s simply opened. This extra protection may be especially useful if you have teenagers that like to sneak out.

Get The Immediate Help You’ll Need

Many alarm companies will connect with an emergency operator if need be. If the alarm is sounded, you will fist be asked to talk to an operator who works for the alarm company. They will either call, or connect through a radio device in your alarm system. They will then ask you if everything’s alright. If there is an emergency situation, appropriate help will be sent.

Finding An Austin Area Alarm Company

Alarm companies are home service providers. Therefore, it’s easy to find them on home-service, review websites. Lots of people choose to use Angie’s list to find Austin area alarm companies. They know they’re ready verified reviews from actual customers. Angie’s list won’t waste your time with third party members.

Some may worry about the yearly fee that Angie’s list used to require. It is now free to use. You no longer have to sign up. To use all of its features, you will need to be a member. It might be worth the investment, you’re going to be paying the alarm company anyway.

Practice Safety

Besides hiring an alarm company to keep your family safe, there are some other things you can do. First of all, never post on Facebook when you’re going on vacation. Home invaders will know that you won’t be home. It’s okay to post pictures from the vacation once you return.

Getting a dog can deter home invaders. It may seem silly, but it’s surprisingly true. Homes with large dogs are rarely invaded. You’re especially protected by invaders who do not have weapons. Make sure you adopt a dog that’s large enough to intimidate, but’s a softy with the family.

Relax Once You’ve Taken Measures

Once you’ve practiced social media safety, hired an alarm company and got a dog, you’re going to be prepared for anything a threat to your home security could throw at you. It’s time to relax with the peace of mind that you’re protected.

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