Crime is on the rise and a home security system is still one of the best ways to keep your home and your family safe. Nothing beats the peace of mind that you have when you have an alarm system installed. They are affordable and sometimes you can even get them for free. Read on to learn more about alarm systems Austin.

With an alarm system installed you have instant peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about someone breaking in and if a criminal is foolish enough to try, the alarm will sound and the monitoring center alerted. Help will be on the way in seconds.

Modern alarm systems are much more reliable than the systems of the past. The older systems depended on telephone landlines to work. Unfortunately, savvy thieves could just cut the telephone line and render the entire system inoperable. You would be stuck and the burglars could clean out your house.

The newest systems don’t need a telephone landline to work. The run on cellular signals so there is no way to interfere with the line. The new systems are wireless and they can’t be tampered with. As long as you have a cell connection, the system will work without fail.

The great thing about these systems is that you don’t have to drill holes in your walls anymore. The old systems required a ton of drilling and left big holes in your walls. Since the new systems are wireless, they can be placed anywhere, moved around, and don’t require drilling. They are convenient.

You can also add some nifty new features to your alarm system like home automation. Home automation allows you to actually control the functions of your home through a smartphone app that you download. Most alarm systems Austin offer this feature and it can make your life a whole lot easier. Imagine being able to unlock your front door while you are in the car and close to home.

You can also turn up the heat or turn on the air conditioning. Home automation is great if you have pets because you can regulate the temperature of your house while you aren’t at home. If it starts to get hot you can turn up the air conditioner for them and make them comfortable while you are away.

Home automation also saves you money because you can keep the thermostat low while you are away from home then turn it up to a comfortable level before you come home so you don’t feel cold. Imagine being able to turn on the lights before you open the door, or turn on the TV so you don’t have to do it when you sit down. Home automation systems allow you to do this and all you need is the free app.

You can even set up a program that does everything you want when you want it. If you want to go even further, you can have wireless cameras installed inside and outside of your home and connect them to the mobile app. This will actually allow you to see what is going on in and around your home. This feature is essential if you have pets because it allows you to monitor them during the day and you can see when they are getting into trouble.

The wireless camera feature can give you peace of mind on vacation and even allow you to keep and eye on the baby or on your kids while you are at work. You will always know what is happening when you install wireless cameras. You can also take advantage of the additional features that your security system offers.

One amazing feature is the carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and will kill you when you sleep. It claims the lives of thousands of people each year and you don’t even know it is happening because it is odorless. With an alarm system you can add a carbon monoxide detector and the alarm will sound and the monitoring company will be notified if carbon monoxide is detected. This could literally save your life.

At the same time, you might also want to think about adding in a fire alarm to your security system. A fire alarm could potentially save your home from a big fire, especially if you are away when it happens. If you have elderly parents living with you, you can add a medical alert system that can get them help quickly if anything terrible happens while you are at work.

With alarm systems Austin, you can get the help you need quickly and keep your home safe from intruders. For a reasonable monthly fee, you can do everything from run your home to protect it from harm.

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