Church Security Systems

Church Security Comes with Awareness and Being Prepared

Installing church security systems in Austin churches and synagogues is much more common than it was a few years ago. This trend is partly due to the times we live in and partly to the mixed uses that community church facilities now provide.

Many Austin church administrators and pastors feel that a security system in a church conveys the wrong message to the members. With the increasing number of violent events occurring in churches in the past few years, this attitude has undergone a change.

TriStar Commercial Security Company is a local Austin security company. We can install a complete church security system with a remote access surveillance system, access control to secure areas and off hour’s intrusion detection. If your church provides a weekday childcare center, you will probably need to monitor it on a daily basis. An outside playground facility will have its own special security requirements.

Security Systems Can Have Multiple Uses

We are experienced in commercial and municipal security system installations that are discrete and unobtrusive. A properly installed church security system will not impair the feeling of openness and trust that most congregations wish to convey. Many church surveillance camera systems are used to record and transmit the services to local access television and to website video feeds as well. Digital video recorders and monitors have seen a sizeable decreased in cost and can give you the flexibility to use the security systems in a number of ways that will enhance the congregations overall experience.

TriStar can perform a security review of your building or campus and recommend the system design that would be the best fit for your individual needs.

Here are some recommendations that can increase the security of your church without having to invest a large amount of resources:

  • Theft and vandalism can be reduced by eliminating landscaping that hides the church from view. Adequate outdoor lighting should also be installed.
  • Greeters and ushers should be exposed to training about how to recognize suspicious situations or persons. We can help with this training.
  • Church personnel and volunteers should undergo adequate screening and a background check.
  • Develop some type of emergency plan that deals with dangerous intruders as well as any types of natural disasters in which the facilities will be used during these types of events.
  • And finally be sure and check with your insurance company to determine what savings you might receive by installing a security system in your Austin church or synagogue.

Call for a Free Security Review of Your Church

Contact us and we will provide a security assessment of your facility. You can then determine the equipment requirements that will satisfy your individual needs. Careful planning and design of your Austin church security system before you make any purchases can reward you with substantial savings.