Retail Security Systems

Retail Security Systems in Today’s Marketplace

All Austin retail businesses need some type of security system. Determining the most cost effective system for a particular retail firm requires the expertise of an experienced commercial security company. TriStar Commercial Security is the fastest growing security company in Austin and Central Texas because we provide our retail clients the upfront design and consultation time that the nation-wide security companies can’t afford to offer.

We give the small Austin retail business owner the same amount of care and service that we make available to our largest retail clients. A retail security system for small businesses can pay for itself in a short time by preventing shoplifting losses, robbery as well as point of sale fraud and employee theft.

We are a Local Independent Commercial Security Company

We offer a complete line of integrated security products, from smoke detectors, metal detectors, exit alarms, CCTV video surveillance, remote viewing, video analytics, intrusion and access control all using the latest technology. We are an independent security company so we can provide products across the broad spectrum of security product suppliers. Since we are not limited to any one supplier we are able to custom design a system that will meet your exact retail security needs.

Employee tracking and badging are another way to control the workplace and maintain secure areas within your facility while others are open and accessible.

Technological Advances in Retail Security Systems

There are many types of products available today that are especially designed to prevent theft of electronic devices such as cameras, laptop computers and phones while allowing them to be displayed in an operational mode. Other types of display case alarm systems are engineered for jewelry cases and other retail display cases containing high value items susceptible to theft. Whatever method of retail display you use, we have a security device to protect it.

Retail Theft is on the Rise

Whether it is because of today’s high unemployment rate, the poor state of the economy or some other reason the fact remains that retail theft and shoplifting is on the rise. Recent estimates place U.S. retail businesses losses due to theft at over 35 billion dollars every year. If you need to upgrade your retail security system or are thinking about installing a system for your business, call TriStar Commercial Security at (512) 733-0944 or fill out the contact form on this page for a no obligation on-site security review.