Security Systems for Austin Fast Food Restaurants

Unfortunately the business model of the fast food, or quick serve, restaurant provides a high security risk environment. Normally the restaurant is open late hours with unlocked doors allowing perpetrators easy access. The employees are often inexperienced and the late night staff is few in number. These businesses are usually located in high traffic areas that allow would be criminals a chance to check out the store in advance and also provide an easy escape route. This coupled with the fact that most of restaurant transactions are in cash creates an easy target for theft.

Austin Restaurant owners want to provide a safe environment for their customers as well as their employees. Franchise chains face the possibility of legal liability if their facilities are found to be at fault for not providing adequate security. Eliminating this liability and enhancing the safety of the work environment is the main goal of a security system. Adequate lighting, employee training, regular security reviews and installation of a video surveillance security system will normally fulfill the owner’s legal duty to his customers and employees. Video surveillance systems for restaurants can be one of the best deterrents against robbery and employee theft.

Security Precautions Restuarants Should Take

Here are some actions that can be taken to increase the security of a quick serve restaurant:

Adequate Lighting – Ample exterior and interior lighting is a critical element to a safe environment. A well lit interior, visible from the street will act as a deterrant to would be robbers. Many times restaurant owners will cover the windows with advertising. It is important to let the thief know he will be visible to witnesses during any criminal activity.
Keeping the back doors locked is a common sense precaution but it often overlooked for convience.

Proper robbery prevention training for employees and recurring security reviews are a must. Every employee should be trained on how to react if they find themselves facing a robbery or disruptive situation.

If the restaurant is located in a high crime area, management should establish a relationship with the local police and in some cases, hire additional security personnel.

Well Designed Security Systems Can Reduce Theft and Robbery

Properly designed security systems with cameras in the back office and at the cash registers will drastically reduce employee theft as well as deter robberies. The video monitors should be installed so that the customer and employees can see that they are under surveillance. Many Austin Fast Food Restaurant owners have found the reduction of employee theft is the greatest day to day benefit of a security system.

Each individual restaurant offers its own special challenges to security design and installation. Even though many franchise restaurants are similar in design, the proximity to other types of businesses that attract late night crowds, the number of employees, location in high crime areas and other factors will impact the type of system needed. A professional security consultant should be involved in the design and installation of any type of restaurant security system in order to provide the most effective equipment at the most cost effective price.

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