Photo Badging

Custom Designed Electronic ID Badging systems from TriStar Commercial

TriStar Commercial LLC offers many different solutions and supplies to meet your ID and badging needs. Photo badging is one of the newest and most innovative ways to increase the overall commercial security in your building. Whether you are upgrading an existing tenant Photo-ID system or implementing a totally new photo ID process, Photo ID Systems will quickly and easily identify who belongs who doesn’t.

Direct-to-card printing is the traditional technology used by digital card printers to print images directly onto the surface of a plastic card. It does this by heating a special print ribbon beneath a thermal print head, resulting in the transfer of color from the ribbon to a blank card.

High Definition Printing is different in that the printer first prints images onto a special HDP film which is then fused into the surface of a blank card through heat and pressure. Because the graphics and text are printed on the HDP film, the image is “sandwiched” between the highly durable film and the card. This unique process results in exceptional print quality, extreme durability, and the ability to print on virtually ANY card size or type.

The use of photo ID badges is the most effective way to be identified and is a most effective link between customers, their clients and the general public. People are more often asked to produce some form of ID to show who they are when dealing with the public, customers, clients etc. The use of ID badges, particularly with a photo and logo, supplies an added degree of security whether it is for membership cards, employee identification, contractor or visitor passes or anywhere accurate ID is required.

TriStar offers a superior selection of photo ID badging systems security features to protect you, your cards, your employees and your facility. Use multiple security features in any combination to provide exceptional protection for your security ID program. Security features do not require any special viewing devices or equipment. You can determine whether the ID card is authentic at a glance.

State of the Art Software and Hardware for ID Systems

TriStar features a complete line of digital ID credentials products to meet a variety of customer needs. We are committed to providing you with ID systems solutions including the software, printers, and all the supplies necessary to fill your requirements. We carry a complete line of ID card printers, supplies for Fargo, Magicard, DataCard, Zebra-Eltron and other manufacturers. Many of the popular supplies are in stock for immediate shipment. In addition we offer a complete line of cards, ribbons, cleaning kits, clips, lanyards, slot punches, badge reels, badge holders and much more.

Need service on your printer? You can trust TriStar to complete the repair quickly and accurately. As an authorized service provider, we complete the repairs at our corporate service center and have direct access to the manufacturers’ technical teams for parts and assistance, as needed.