Municipal Security Systems

Advancements in technology coupled with reductions in the cost of security systems hardware and software in the last few years has made municipal security systems an affordable, and if designed properly, a non-intrusive solution to many of the problems that face public facilities and the modern workplace. TriStar Commercial Security LLC has experience providing integrated IP Video Surveillance and access control to protect all types of municipal and government facilities.

Government Officials and Facilities Facing Increasing Threats

State and Municipal government public facilities are facing an increasing number of threats to employees and the general public such as:

  • Disgruntled employees or ex-employees
  • Angry, disruptive or mentally unbalanced citizens
  • Targeted threats to government officials and institutions from a diverse sector of the population
  • Spillover of violent family situations into the public workplace
  • Terroristic threats from anti-government individuals or organizations

Properly designed and installed security systems reduce the amount of police and security personnel at municipal facilities and allow them to concentrate on areas of greater need. There are a growing number of cities that have installed, or are in the process of installing, network based video surveillance and security systems in public areas with the intent of reducing criminal activity and assisting in the identification and prosecution of those who have committed criminal offenses. Protecting the physical assets of municipal properties is another benefit of these systems.

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Systems Designed for Expansion

One of the considerations when looking at a large network security system is to plan and design an open architecture for future expansion. With this open network, firewall security must be provided to eliminate network access by unauthorized personnel. Each camera or video workstation and access control point should be able to be placed at any location on the network and should have individual control and monitoring. This will allow for additions to the system as your facilities grow.

Municipal Security Consultants

Tristar Commercial Security LLC is an independent security consultant, providing B2B security data management, integrated municipal security systems design and review, risk analysis and threat assessment. We make certain all personnel are completely trained in the use and maintenance of the system. We partner with our clients to provide an ongoing commitment to service and support. If you are involved in the purchase of a new installation of a municipal security system or in the upgrade of a current system we can help you determine what your needs will be and help you develop your bid proposal for a security system.

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