Popular Home Security Systems

If you do some research, you’ll quickly discover that there are numerous home security alarms. There are also many debates over which type is ideal for homes and most likely the best one for your situation.

However, you still want to know which type is popular. Well, that information is quite hard to obtain(surprisingly), but we managed to discover what home security systems are mainly talked about online. We did some research and according to Google and a couple of forums, these are the most popular and efficient security systems for home use:

Monitored Alarms

A monitored alarm is any type of alarm that’s monitored by a security monitoring center. This definition can be quite baffling, but essentially, it’s exactly that. Monitored alarms are ideal for homes since they alert the monitoring company when the alarm is tipped. The responder in the center then alerts the nearby authorities for further action.

Wireless Security Systems

As you can guess, wireless alarms are not directly connected with wires. They are convenient in that you don’t have to break the walls in your home to install them. They are ideal for people who are constantly moving since they are easy to set up and take down when needed.

However, they are not without their downsides, and that’s perhaps why they are not so popular compared to other systems. First, They are pretty expensive compared to more reliable options, and replacing the batteries can be a drag(even though this shouldn’t be a problem with recent models). However, the biggest con is reliability as external signals have been known to cause interruptions with the wireless security systems.

Wired Home Security Systems

Also known as hardwired alarm systems, wired alarms are known to be more reliable than their wireless counterparts. They are less expensive than wireless systems and do not require batteries to run. However, they are hard to take out when moving and they need an expert to install them correctly.


These only let an individual through if you give the go ahead. Everyone coming into your house is prompted to verify their identity through the intercom system. Well, as great as this sounds, this security device doesn’t prevent someone from breaking in on its own. You will need to install other security devices and integrate them with the intercom system to enhance your safety. That is why the device doesn’t enter the list of the top 4 security systems.

Sensory Detectors

Now, things start getting interesting with this one. Sensory alarm systems differ and range from motion detection, heat detection, moisture detection, light detection and more. Most homes don’t require some of these detectors, but motion sensors can be especially useful for detecting intruders, given your pets won’t trip them off. There are a lot of home security systems out there that incorporate this feature, but not all of them do. As such, you will need to discuss with your vendor keeping in mind your security needs as well.

Keypad Home Security Systems

Generally, every security system features a keypad is its central control. Well, this is not a crucial feature, but it offers you an easy and more secure way of arming as well as disarming your alarm system, given it needs a code for the action. The integration of keypads is what makes the security systems with this feature especially attractive. Again, it is not a necessity, but if you like the ease of use, it’s a feature you shouldn’t skip.

Panic Buttons

According to research, panic buttons intrigue the general public quite much, and that is why they come in close to the top. I did some research and what I discovered is that they are not employed that often. However, if something was to happen, like a confirmed break-in or a fire, they offer a quick way to alert the authorities. They are also an interesting security device that protects your personal safety while you are at home. Not everyone has the courage or the ability to confront burglars in the case of a break in, but these buttons ensure you get help from the right authorities in the shortest time possible.

Security Cameras

Home security cameras are hands down, the best security devices you can have in your home. Everybody seems to be talking about them. When it comes to arresting burglars, even after they have escaped, cameras offer the best solution since they record the entire incident, and the police are able to get an identity of the suspects.

Ideally, there are hidden security cameras that blend into a room, making them undetectable. They can be hidden anywhere, and this improves the security in your home. They are also useful surveillance devices when it comes to monitoring your kids. You don’t have to worry about their whereabouts, and you can ensure that they are safe when playing.

So, there you have it, the most popular or the best home security systems out there. So, which one would be the best for your home? I would consider getting a standard, hard-wired, keypad security system with surveillance cameras and a few sensory detectors. But that’s just me.

We all differ and our situations, as well as budgets, also vary. So, when deciding to get a new home security system, keep in mind your needs, budgets and using this list, you will be able to choose a system that is ideal for you. Always consult an expert as well as they are likely to give you more insight and the exact model that would be best for your case. Happy shopping!