Austin Home Security Cameras

In this day and age, it is common for security companies to give special equipment offers when one decides to use to their alarm monitoring services. More often than not, a less expensive standard security system features a control panel, a monitor sensor, a touch pad and one interior siren.

This is an excellent security system to start with as you can always upgrade or add more equipment in the future depending on your needs. Of course, the system will be activated and integrated with a central monitoring center. A reputable professional in security systems ensures you get a solid and function security system installed. These are personnel with experience in security systems and they don’t try to make extra money by selling your more equipment.

However, if you are willing to spend a little bit more upfront, these are some of the equipment you should consider:

Hidden Security Cameras

If you are looking to spend more on a security system, investing in hidden security cameras should be first on your list. Thanks to innovation and advancements in technology, hidden security cameras can easily blend into a room, making them practically invisible and undetectable to anyone who is breaking into your home.

There are various types of these cameras and they can be placed in any room to record video. This enables you and the central monitoring company to identify the suspect in case of a break in. Another advantage of hidden security cameras is that you can be able to monitor your kids and this gives you peace of mind. Also, they can be integrated to the main security system with networking options and this allows you to check in your home every once in a while, especially when on vacation.

Motion Sensors

Like mentioned earlier, you will receive a single motion sensor when you purchase a standard security system in most stores. However, you want be aware of two things:

1. Some pets may trigger the burglar alarm which causes false alarms.

2.  The single motion sensor will be ideal to cover the perimeters including the stairs if you own a two story.

A such, ensure you speak to the installer to ascertain that you’ll be able to use the motion sensor effectively despite owning a pet that might trigger false alarms. If it’s going to be a problem, you’ll want tot spend more and add window as well as glass break sensors.

Motion sensors are quite cost effective and do a good job to protect the most vulnerable areas in your home. even of someone comes in through a wall, they will ultimately trip off the motion censor. Standard motion sensors will usually give you a 90 degree coverage and that is why corners are the best locations. They also range out anywhere between 20 and 30 feet.

An Exterior Siren

If you want to get rid of intruders as soon as the system is triggered, external siren is a great addition for that. Most of the time crooks enter your environment and disrupt a weak interior system. However, they have a hard time deciding to proceed after triggering a loud siren outdoors. If you have close neighbors, you can project the interior siren outside. An internal siren is less noisy, but it will still do the job. You can have it next an air vent, in the attic or in a crawl space.

Keypad in The Bedroom

Having an extra keypad in the master bedroom is always a great idea. The second keypad gives you even greater functionality. You’ll have three panic buttons in close range in case of an emergency while sleeping. If you are sure that there’s an crook attempting to break in, you will have the police panic button right next to you.

This button will instantly tell the central station responder that it might be a hold up situation and contact the police. The police will then respond quicker as it is considered to be a confirmed or critical situation. However, this is another feature you’ll need to discuss with the central monitoring station. In addition to added functionality, you will also be able to arm the entire security system including motion sensors which enhances home security.

Monitored Smoke Detectors

In my opinion, it is crucial to have at least one smoke detector in the hall way. If you live in a two story home, have one and another down. If your home is bigger, you might want to add two up and two down as well. Monitored smoke detectors can be a life saver. We all know that smoke can make you unconscious and can even kill you when you are asleep.

As such, it makes it important to have the detectors linked with central monitoring center so that the fire department can reach you in time. A heat detector is another great device that you might want to install in the attic. Some fires start at the roof due to lightening strikes and with this device, you will be able to have the fire squad on time and save your home from total distraction.

The list doesn’t end here as there is a lot you can do for your home when it comes to security. However, these devices, mostly the security cameras and smoke detectors are what I would advise you to consider when looking to beef up your home security.

Remember to always discuss your options with an expert in home security as they are likely to give you the best advice. We all know that money can be a problem when it comes to buying home security devices and that’s why an expert’s advice is invaluable. They can ideally help you land on great deals. So, start basic and when you are ready to upgrade, go for the devices mentioned in this article.

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