It is true that technological advances have allowed us to live very comfortable lives especially when compared to those living in the early part of the 20th century. However, our homes are still not secure and burglaries and thefts are still a common occurrence in almost all the cities.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you pay special attention to keep your home secure and safe from burglars and other criminals who are looking to steal thing from your home and harm you. Here are some of the top home security tips that will help you in keeping your home completely safe and secure.

Have Multiple Layers of Defense

Ideally, your home security system should have multiple lines of defense. It not only slows down the burglar but also keeps thieves away from your home as breaking into your home will require a lot of effort and these criminals are always looking for easy takings. For instance, you may have double locked windows with rose bushes outside the window that will make it difficult for anyone to climb over.

Change the Locks When You Move into a New Home

It is important that you change all the locks of your new home when you first move into it. You will never know who all had access to the locks and when it was in possession of the previous homeowner. Similarly, you should always replace all the locks in case you lose the keys. It will ensure that you are always safe inside your home.

Get a High-Quality Home Security System

There are a number of high-quality home security systems available in the market today at an affordable price. These systems come with a number of cameras, alarms, motion detectors and various other sensors. Most of the security cameras available today are connected to the Internet which means that you can view the happenings inside your home from anywhere in the world with the help of Internet.

Also, these security systems have a number of sensors including motion detector and gas leak detectors that will sound an alarm whenever they detect motion in an area. These also keep you protected from damage in case of fire.

Debt Bolt Locks Offer Serious Protection

It is true that deadbolts are expensive than the commonly installed spring latch locks, but it is also a fact that they are much stronger and offer a lot more security as compared to those locks.

In addition to these locks, it is also important that doors are reinforced with a piece of sheet metal or plywood to make them stronger and durable. There shouldn’t be any gap between the door and frame as it will allow an intruder to pry open the door.

Sliding Doors Should Have Metal Bar Installed

Sliding doors and sliding windows should have a metal bar along the bottom track. This metal bar will not allow the burglar to force open the door or window from outside. It is important to keep in mind that sliding doors are extremely vulnerable to burglars and thieves who are looking to gain entry into your home.

Keep the Windows Protected

It is important to protect your windows with burglar resistant glass and window locks. It is also recommended to install many panes of glass instead of one big glass pane, as breaking one big glass pane is much easier as compared to breaking many small ones.

Protect the Doors

All of your door protection measures won’t stand a chance in case your door has outside hinges that can be easily removed from outside by a burglar or an intruder to get entry in the house. Ideally, hinges should be on the inside to ensure that nobody has access to the hinges.

Make Your House Look Occupied at All Times

Professional burglars are always scouring neighborhoods to see whether a house is occupied at night or not. One of the best ways to make your house appear always occupied is to install automatic timers to switch on and off the lights when you are not at home. Appearances play a very important role in targeting by burglars.

Light up Entrance

There are infrared detectors available that automatically switch on a light whenever there is a person in a specific area. Installing these detectors will allow you to light up the entrance when someone is at the entrance door. Burglars don’t like being seen and will likely stay away from your home in case the lights automatically switch on whenever they enter that area during the night.

These are some of the most effective home security tips that will keep your home safe and secure from burglars and thieves who are looking to get into your house for stealing things and doing other damage. Follow these home security tips and have a high quality security system to remain safe.

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