Unlike the declining worldwide economic status, the crime rates in contemporary cities is not decreasing but increasing.  The protection of one’s home and family is often one of an individual’s top priorities and increasing home security has become a paramount activity.  The requirement for home security nowadays goes far beyond installing a security system and learning self defense techniques.  To be surely secure it is necessary to take various considerations of overall security into account.  This article will provide information on effective home security tips and techniques.

1. Reviewing The Property

One of the basic home security tips is to review the interior and exterior of a property.  Many individuals place emphasis on the interior exclusively; however, the exterior security is more important as it acts as the first wave of crime prevention.

2. Reviewing The Doors And Windows

Installing a security system is beneficial, particularly those with motion detection; however, this may be placed above doors and in room corners.  To ensure that criminals do not have easy access to one’s home it is vital to secure doors and windows.  This can be done independently or by hiring an experienced locksmith.  Installing suitable locks on doors and windows reduces the chance of a burglar entering the residence.

3. Opportunity Burglars And Thieves

There are two different types of burglars: the one that premeditates the attack and the opportunist burglar.  Opportunist burglars will act spontaneously and will often approach residences that look unoccupied.  To deter these criminals it is vital to install systems that make it look as if someone is home.  The most popular measure is timed exterior and interior lights.

4. Sensor Lighting

In addition to installing timed lights, it is highly recommended that one install front and back door motion sensor lighting.  The motion sensor light will turn on as it detects movement within its set range.  It is a very effective means of deterring both opportunist and premeditated burglars.  A further home security tip is to place lights on the upper floors if one has a property with several levels.

5. Changing Security Codes

One of the most important home security tips is to change the code to one’s alarm system regularly.  The majority of individuals opt for a certain code and utilize it for several years; however, this can increase the risk of burglary as the criminals may know the code, particularly if they have planned the attack.  Try to create codes that are easily remembered but are not associated with any personal details; for example, utilizing one’s birthday as a code may be easy to remember but is also easy to hack.

6. Security Bars

A popular home security mechanism that is being used more frequently is that of the security grille or bar.  Criminals can easily smash windows and glass doors to obtain keys or open the feature from inside.  By adding security grilles to both windows and doors one will decrease the chance of this happening.  Nowadays security grilles are available in different designs which may be aesthetically pleasing while still increasing security.

7. The Home Security Safe

Another home safety option that is growing in popularity is that of the home security safe.  Safes are typically utilized to protect important documents or personal valuables.  Despite the home safe being freely available for purchase online and at home accessory stores, it is recommended that one use the services of a professional locksmith to ensure the safe is effectively installed.

8. Home Key Replacement

As with the alarm system code, many individuals utilize the same set of property keys for several years.  When increasing home security, it is worth considering the last time one replaced their house keys and determine whether or not another individual has access to the residence.  The stealing and copying of keys is a simple task and it is recommended that one change locks on a regular basis.

9. Secure Car Keys

Research has indicated that there has been an increase in home burglary to obtain car keys.  While it may not be possible to change the car locks regularly, it is recommended that one keep car keys out of sight.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, the security of one’s home requires more consideration than basic installment of a security alarm.  Using these home security tips can assist in increasing the safety of both home and family.

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