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Residential and Industrial Security Gates for Austin

As an independent Austin security company, TriStar is proud to partner with The Chamberlain Group, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of residential and commercial door operators.

Why Choose TriStar Security Services?

We Support All of Your Secruity Gate Needs

Increased security

Easily protect your property and deter potential criminals or intruders.


Our gates can be customized to fit any specific style, size, or even finish.

Remote Access Gate

Remote Access

Based on your needs you can choose from telephone entry, keypads, card readers, handheld RIFD devices or access controls.


Security Gates made from high-quality materials built to last.

About TriStar Security

Wwe offer top-of-the-line security gates to protect your commercial property. Our security gates are designed to provide maximum protection against unauthorized access and potential threats.

Protection that's Always There

With our Security Gates, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is being protected around the clock.

Don’t compromise when it comes to securing your commercial property. Trust TriStar Commercial to provide you with the best security gates tailored to your unique needs, backed by efficient and reliable security systems and expert installation. Contact us today to learn more about our security gate solutions.

Always Protected


TriStar handles our security and access at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and they have been phenomenal! Our security setup is easy to use, and the quality is the best!
Rebecca Lockerbie
Events & Engagement Coordinator
I have worked with TriStar Commercial through my company for approximately 13 years and they have always provided timely responses and high quality service.
Carrie Massar
Information Security Auditor
Tristar provides excellent value for a lot less than the other guys, Tristar monitors my alarm and has helped me add features as needed without 3-year contracts.
Luis Davis
Consistently, they are prompt on handling alarm calls 9accidental or otherwise) and the occasional technician appointments to tweak or repair seem reasonably priced.
Samuel Baker
Project Manager

Security Gates Available From TriStar Security Services

Security Gates For HOAs

To protect your community, we have HOA gate access control systems to regulate who gains entrance to the property. Gates and access control systems can be installed at any entry, whether it swings, slides, or opens vertically. We offer several types of systems designed especially for your situation.   

Security Gates For Apartment Complexes or Multifamily

Keep crime and other undesirable situations at bay with a security gate for your apartment complex. The added protection of well-installed security gates will give your tenants peace of mind and confidence in their safety at home. The gates and systems we install are durable, customizable, and offer remote access.  


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