Security System Data Base Management

Installing a security system for your business is not an option for most companies. Management in today’s risk environment realizes the necessity for a comprehensive security monitoring system involving video surveillance, access control, employee ID and tracking, intrusion detection and all the additional components of a modern high-tech integrated security system.

What many companies don’t initially realize is the installation of the system is just the first step in providing security for your facility. Just as important is having your staff trained to use and monitor the system. Tristar Commercial is a local Austin based full service Security Company that has a great reputation for providing after the sale training and support to our Austin customers. Our experienced staff can guide your personnel through all the phases of programming and monitoring your system.

Outsource your Security System Database Management

Tristar Commercial Security has taken this after sale support a further step. We now offer ongoing 24/7 data base management of your access control security system and burglar alarm system for less than one dollar a day. Most companies find that security data base management doesn’t require a full time staff so they assign these tasks to one or more of their employees who normally already have a full work load.

Hidden Costs for Security System Management

Most companies make the mistake in determining total cost of a security system of not including time requirements for security database management. When employees’ salaries burdened by overhead costs (benefits, etc. – normally double the base salary) are used against their time spent on security data base management, the true cost is found to be very substantial.

Our technicians will take care of all your staff changes, access code updates additions and modifications to access points and all the other ongoing tasks required of maintaining your security system freeing up your employees to work on the tasks for which they were trained. Many of our clients have found this to be an extremely cost effective employee time management solution. Please call (512) 733-0944 today or fill out the contact form for a free consultation and review of your current situation.

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