Keyless Entry Austin

Keyless Security Systems for Austin Residential and Commercial

TriStar Commercial is a full service security systems provider and security consultant. We provide the most technologically advanced CCTV systems for residential and commercial clients, municipal and government agencies. We offer NVR, PC based and Stand-alone CCTV systems. Cameras are available in a variety of configurations:

Businesses and homeowners are realizing the advantages of keyless entry systems. Security technologies for these types of locks have undergone complete redesign in the last few years and provide ample security without the cost and hassle of a keyed system. Keyless entry Austin system locks are available in a variety of styles.

  • Biometric fingerprint entry lock
  • Touchpad
  • Remote deadbolt
  • Keyless deadbolt
  • Keypad and keyed combination locks
  • Keyless Electronic Pushbutton Door Locks
  • Keyless Electronic Deadbolt Door Locks
  • RFID Readers & Cards for Single Doors
  • RFID Proximity Readers & Cards for Multiple Doors
  • Keyless Lock Box (Hide A Key)
  • Electric Strikes & Magnetic Locks
  • Keyless Electronic Card Door Locks
  • Military & Government Cypher Lock Systems
  • Biometric Fingerprint and Face Readers


NXT – 2D NetXtreme 2 Door TCP/IP Controller From Keri Systems

• 2 – Door Controller for Keri’s Doors NetXtreme product line
• On-board TCP/IP connectivity – no network adapters required
• Ethernet (TCP/IP) network architecture
between controllers (true peer-to-peer)
and to Host Server
• Utilize existing LAN/WAN/Ethernet or pull
your own dedicated CAT-5/6 Network
• Embedded MAC Address for one button
Auto Configuration
• Standard 4 Pin Block and RJ-45 Jack built-in
for network connection
• Re-assignable Inputs and Outputs
• Quick Disconnect Connectors
• Flash Memory for easy firmware upgrades
• 50,000 Cardholders, 10,000 Selectable
Event Buffer
• Locking Metal Enclosure (optional without)

128 Bit Encryption

The NXT-4D Xtreme 2 Door Controller is built for today’s IT environments. With Ethernet
functionality built directly into the controller. Kerii’s proprietary MAC addressing scheme
allows for reliable hardware discovery and true 1 button auto configuration. Networking
between NXT-2D controllers and/or its sister NXT-4D NetXtreme 4 Door Controller also utilize
peer-to-peer standards. The NXT-2D is designed to be extremely intelligent with little reliance
on network traffic for decision making, allowing it to be extremely thrifty with any network’s
valuable bandwidth.

keyless entry controllers

Size (Enclosure)
13.125” H x 10.625” W x 3.06” D
(33.34 cm x 26.99 cm x 7.77 cm)
Size (PC Board)
5.6” H x 6.6” W x 2.55” D
(14.28 cm x 16.83 cm x 2.55 cm)
Weight (In Enclosure)
4.95 Lbs (2.25 Kgs)
Input Voltage
+ 12 VDC nom. (10 – 14 VDC)
Current Draw
570 mA typical
Inputs (4, reassignable)
Door Contact Switch (2)
Request to Exit (2)
Expandable up to 12 Inputs
Outputs (2, reassignable)
1.0 amp (24 VDC max.) dry circuit
Expandable up to 10 Outputs
Buffer Capacity
50,000 Cardholders
10,000 Events
Temperature / Humidity
-40° F to 140° F
(-40° C to 60° C)
0-90% Non Condensing
To Server: TCP/IP 10/100 bus
Between Controllers: TCP/IP 10/100 bus
Lithium Battery
5 years Memory Retention

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