HD-SDI Security and HD-SDI Security Cameras

Advantages of HD-SDI Security

  • Lower Installation Costs
  • Smaller File sizes
  • Better video quality
  • Higher Frames per Second
  • Lower Bitrate to Remote

HD-SDI allows your customers with an existing coax infrastructure to go to Mega Pixel Video without rewiring their whole building. Just changing out cameras and the recorder gets them up and running.

HD-SDI is a digital signal over the coax so it is not as tempermental as NTSC video. This creates a very clean video signal, thus reducing the bitrate that it records to the hard drives.

Bitrates for typical IP cameras –
3MP cameras at 15 FPS are around 3Mbps.
HD-SDI video –
3MP Cameras at 30FPS uses about 512-768kbps.

So Twice the Frames per Second at 1/6 the bitrate.

Smaller bitrates not only save hard drive space they also save network bandwidth to client workstations and anywhere else video needs to be transmitted to.

What is HD-SDI

HD-SDI stands for High Definition Serial Digital Interface. Simply stated HD-SDI allows Mega Pixel video to be transmitted over standard coaxial cable.
Click here for More info and sample video.

BASys Max Tribrid

Brewster Alexander understands that there still are certain situations where IP cameras are the best solution and that every camera doesn’t need to be Mega Pixel. The BASys Max Tribrid System now accepts HD-SDI, standard NTSC (4CIF), and IP video. We now work with almost all IP cameras.

HD-SDI Security Cameras

HD-SDI Camera – 3 Mega Pixel HD-SDI Vandal Dome w/IR
hd sdi camera

HD-SDI Cameras – 2 Mega Pixel HD-SDI PTZ 22x Zoom
Click here for more info
hd sdi cameras

HD-SDI Security Camera – 3 Mega Pixel HD-SDI Box Camera
hd sdi cameras

HD-SDI Security System

Tribrid HD-SDI Security Systems
hd sdi security system by tribrid

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