Government Security Systems

Government Security Systems

Government and Military Facility Security provides one of the biggest challenges for a security company.  TriStar Commercial Security has experience in design and installation of integrated security systems for government and military facilities.  The specific requirements for this type of system is constantly evolving and requires the latest systems integration technology for restricted area access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance.

TriStar Government and Military Installations

We are proud to have been involved in offering security solutions for the following facilities:

  • US Army Fort Hood
  • US Air Force Lackland
  • US Air Force Kelly USA

With NIST-approved encryption, motion tracking cameras, and integrated systems, TriStar Security has solutions that address the challenges of government and military installations.

The department of Defense, in compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12/HSP-12, began issuing Common Access Cards (CAC) in 2006 which replace the ID cards of all active duty military, selected Reserve personnel, DoD civilian employees and eligible defense contractors.  Along with providing identification, these cards provide physical access to secure areas, computer networks and public key infrastructure.  This card uses an embedded programmable computer chip to store identification, allow documents to be signed digitally, and through encryption, establish secure connections to the internet.

We are one of the few providers of the new Physical Access Control Terminals.  These terminals support contact and contactless smart cards (CAC); with or without PIN pad and SAM for indoor and outdoor usage offering unique secure access control solutions for government and military facilities.

TriStar Security Systems Products and Services for Government Facilities

  • System design and installation
  • Security Consulting and program management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Training and maintenance service

We can provide a complete turn-key solution developed within your organizations’ strict requirements. Our security solutions involve everything from security gates to biometric access control and state of the art video surveillance.  Call us today for an evaluation of your facility.

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