Manage Access to Your Texas Commercial Facility

Securing your property doesn’t just mean locking it; it means controlling who can access it at any time. Let TriStar Commercial find and install the up-to-date Texas access control technology you need.

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Commercial and Industrial Access Control Systems in Austin, Texas

Most Security professionals would agree that the first line of protection in Commercial or Industrial Environments is an Access Control System. You must be able to manage and control your entire facility. This means more than just locking and unlocking entry and exit points. 

Since TriStar Commercial is a local Austin independent commercial security company, we can provide Access Control hardware and software systems across a broad spectrum of suppliers. This includes the latest state-of-the-art technology, including:

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Iris scan 
  • Voice recognition
  • Signature verification

An Electronic Access Control System Will Benefit Your Austin Business

The benefits of physical access control are many and include the following:

  • Limit personnel to restricted areas
  • Audit employee time and attendance
  • Restrict access by time frames or with different user levels. You can even create reports to help detail information about access events.
  • Designed to provide public access to low-security areas such as large municipal or governmental facilities as well as private access to more restricted environments such as control centers, asset or server rooms.

Reduce Liability Costs with Texas Access Controls

mplementing electronic access control to sensitive or high-risk areas might reduce your liability costs at your Austin facility. 

Unlike keyed systems, an electronic access system requires no replacement of locks or keys when an employee leaves or keys are lost. This means you won’t need to worry about calling your local Texas locksmith at these times. Electronic systems greatly reduce the time and cost spent replacing locks with RFID fobs or easy-to-program cards. 

Person using a key card to open door

Texas Access Controls that Work for You

Every business or facility will have different access control needs. Some may look for restricting access based on who can access what. 

Others may want a more direct way of monitoring employees and where they go. Still, others may want to simply keep non-employees out of restricted areas.

Whatever your needs are, TriStar Commercial can find a system that will work for you.

Pair Access Control in Texas with Other Security Technologies

Access control is great on its own. However, it can be easily integrated with other systems to create an even more effective security solution.

Photo Badging (make these little boxes under the h2 header above)

Your access control system could pair with a photo badging system. Use our superior selection of photo ID types to choose options that are noticeable at a single glance. This allows you to keep better tabs on who is on the property and where they are allowed to be. 

Surveillance System (make these little boxes under the h2 header above)

It could also pair with a surveillance system. This gives you another set of eyes constantly watching the property and the people on it. If something goes wrong with access control, you have a record of it through the surveillance system. 

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Electronic Access Control Features

Call TriStar Commercial Today

TriStar Commercial wants to win your business. Whatever the size of your Austin facility, TriStar Commercial has your solution. Give one of our trained staff a call for a free access control system consultation and start taking control of your business and its growth.


TriStar handles our security and access at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and they have been phenomenal! Our security setup is easy to use, and the quality is the best!
Rebecca Lockerbie
Events & Engagement Coordinator
I have worked with TriStar Commercial through my company for approximately 13 years and they have always provided timely responses and high quality service.
Carrie Massar
Information Security Auditor
Tristar provides excellent value for a lot less than the other guys, Tristar monitors my alarm and has helped me add features as needed without 3-year contracts.
Luis Davis
Consistently, they are prompt on handling alarm calls 9accidental or otherwise) and the occasional technician appointments to tweak or repair seem reasonably priced.
Samuel Baker
Project Manager