Electronic Access Control

Commercial and Industrial Access Control Systems

Most Security professionals would agree that the first line of protection in Commercial or Industrial Environments is an Access Control System. You must be able to manage and control your entire facility.  This means more than just locking and unlocking entry and exit points.  Since TriStar Commercial is a local Austin independent commercial security company, we can provide the Access Control hardware and software systems across a broad spectrum of suppliers.  This includes the latest state-of-the-art technology, including fingerprint recognition, iris scan, voice recognition and/or signature verification.

commercial access control systems

An Electronic Access Control System will benefit your Austin Business

The benefits to access control are many

  • Limit personnel to restricted areas
  • Audit employee time and attendance
  •  Restrict access with different user levels or by time frames. You can even use reporting to help provide information on access events.
  • Designed to provide public access to low security areas such as large municipal or governmental facilities as well as private access to more restricted environments such as control centers, asset or server rooms.

By having access control to high-risk or sensitive areas, electronic access control may help reduce your liability costs at your Austin facility. Unlike keyed systems, an electronic access system requires no replacement of locks or keys when an employee leaves or keys are lost. Electronic systems greatly reduce the cost and time spent replacing locks with easy-to-program cards or RFID fobs. And because TriStar access control system can be easily integrated with other systems, it creates an effective security solution, as well as a smart management tool.

Electronic Access Control Features

  • Stand-alone or network with multiple readers
  • Real-time clock
  • Complete event reporting and storage
  • Program via cards or PC software
  • Proximity detection allows reader to function without physically connecting to the ID card or key fob
  • Compact, surface-mounted configuration for indoor or outdoor use
  • Remotely controlled capabilities
  • Photo ID Cards and Card Readers
  • PC or Web based control solutions

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