CCTV Austin – Security Systems

CCTV Austin – Security Systems

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Advances in CCTV Technology

Today’s CCTV systems are more sophisticated, take up less space and offer significant advances in usability than those systems of just a few years ago, as well as being much more affordable.  Selecting the most economical CCTV    system for your individual requirements can be a confusing task.

Wired or Wireless System?

Wired cctv systems can offer many benefits.  This system provides high quality video and eliminates interference worries.  You do not have to worry about installation distance from the DVR system with a wired configuration. Transmission distances of over 1,000 feet are possible.  Remote power to the cameras is also a plus for some facilities.

Wireless CCTV cameras using laser, radar or radio waves for transmission are becoming more common in a growing number of installations.  Some advantages include portability in cases where video surveillance requirements involve shifting secure location.  The advances in technology in wireless communication have eliminated most interference problems and video quality is just as good as or even better than wired in many cases.  Ease of installation is obvious since no wiring needs to be run and wiring problems are eliminated.  Overall, the huge advances in wireless CCTV have made it the system of choice in many applications

CCTV Cameras

Security cameras with smaller high density CCD chips can produce high quality images that could not be found on older models. The size of the CCD chip is a good indicator of the quality of image. The larger the chip size, the higher the quality of the image. Most common chip size is 1/2 or 1/3 inch.

Dome cameras are a very popular, cost effective camera having a low profile, and are most often used on overhead ceiling applications. Dome cameras are commonly found in retail stores, hotel lobbies and other public locations. They can be equipped with motion sensors and IR .

Box cameras are larger and mostly used for outdoor applications. Weatherproof and tamperproof housings with IR sensors and motion detectors are common for these types of cameras. Unlike most dome cameras, they do not have a fixed lens, and provide the advantage of lens selection based on the application.

PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) offer the most flexibility of the CCTV cameras and are used in high security situations such as casinos, municipal and government facilities as well as targeted law enforcement locations. The higher cost of these systems is normally outweighed by their additional features and the ability to be controlled by an operator when necessary.

Spy cameras are small and easily concealed. They are used not only for covert applications but also where space is a prime consideration. This camera for the most part comes with limited fixed lens availability.

CCTV Security Systems Consultation

With the many types and features available on today’s video surveillance systems, choosing the right one for your individual needs can be a frustrating task. TriStar Commercial Security has years of experience installing CCTV cameras in residences, small businesses as well as municipal and government facilitates. We offer free consultation to help you determine what system would be the most cost effective for your application. Our experience allows us to determine features you might not think to consider such as ease of use, service and training requirements and upgradeability.