Can Wired Security Cameras Be Hacked?

hackers can access your wired security cameras

When you have a security system, you want to keep it away from the reach of a criminal. Unfortunately, these nefarious individuals don’t have to be close to your security cameras to cause trouble. Security cameras can be hacked, even those wired ones. While that may send shivers down your spine, there are a few things you can do to protect your cameras and the rest of the security system. 

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Can You Hack a Wired Security System?

Yes, wired security cameras are less susceptible to hacking than those wireless variants, but an intrusion is still possible. With wired cameras, hackers must physically access the camera to hack it. They will also have access to the network through a router or the recorder to gain control of the footage. Any insecure network devices can expose your wired cameras to hackers.

However, it is a myth to think that wired cameras cannot be hacked. Yes, wireless cameras are more vulnerable due to easy accessibility through a network, but the same configurations can be breached for a wired camera. If you can access your camera from a smartphone, laptop, or another device, the wired camera is exposed to the internet, making it vulnerable to unauthorized access. 

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How do hackers get into security cameras? If you have an authentication page, you might think you have top-level security for your camera. But these pages are very easy to exploit, especially when a hacker uses automated tools to guess the username and password. 

There are other ways to access security cameras that are not accessible over the internet. An internet-connected router or DVR can provide access to your camera. While it is more challenging than guessing a password, the hacker will have to exploit a firmware flaw in the camera or DVR to access these devices. 

How To Find Out If Your Wired Security Camera Is Hacked?

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It is not easy to tell if your security camera is hacked. You might note unusual activity to a change in settings. If that happens, then you might have been hacked by an unauthorized user. Here are some signs that someone may have hacked your system. 

Unable To Access It

When you cannot access your security camera, that is one indicator that you have been hacked. In many cases, the hacker will disable the camera. Before panicking, ensure the camera doesn’t have a physical issue disrupting the signal or video. 

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Change of Settings

If you notice an unusual lens shift, change of credentials, or another unique setting, it could mean that another individual accessed the camera. You will ensure that someone else in the building or residence did not make the changes. You also need to rule out any automatic firmware or system updates. 

Abnormal Movement

In most cases, a hacked security camera will have abnormal shifts or automatic movements on the screen. Damaged hardware can cause a few problems, but a professional company should inspect any strange modifications. 

Any compromised system can give away vital information about your business or home. If you think your security cameras have been hacked, you need to contact an experienced security company to resolve the situation. This professional will go into your settings and check for those telltale signs of a hacked system. After fixing the problem, they can help you create a more secure environment for your security system. 

Keeping Wired Security Cameras Safe

As you can tell, wired security cameras are susceptible to hackers, but there are ways to keep them safe and secure. Here are a couple of tips to help in that task.

Update Firmware

When you run a firmware update, the hardware of the security camera will be safer. Many camera manufacturers release updates for their devices. When a vulnerability or flaw is reported, the company will release updates to the software or hardware, making the system more secure

Setup Strong Passwords

Set up an authentication page if you want to keep your wired security camera safer. However, these password-protected areas are not secure if you repeat the same password for every site. Hackers can easily brute force those passwords and gain access to your camera. You will want to use a strong password with a mix of lower and upper case characters, numbers, and symbols to secure your cameras

Setup Two-Factor Authentication

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While two-factor authentication is rare for wired cameras, use it if you have the option. These authentication settings are a great way to secure your devices. With that, you will use a password and secret code to access the camera. Make sure you continue using those strong passwords for those without two-factor authentication. 

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Secure the Router

Individuals can easily hack any router or internet-accessible device. These devices are your gateway to the internet. But without the proper security safeguards, you can easily give away access to all your cameras, even the wired ones. 

Ask for Professional Help

If you are worried about the security of your cameras or think you have been hacked, contact TriStar Security Services. Our team of trained technicians will come to your business or residence and check out the cameras. We can provide you with tips to keep your system secure from any would-be intruders. If the system has been accessed, our team will find a solution to help you gain access to your system. We will ensure your entire security system is safe from any unauthorized access. 

Do you want to keep your Austin, Texas-based security system and cameras safe from hackers? At TriStar Security Services, we can offer solutions to keep unauthorized users from accessing your security cameras. Call us today!

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