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Austin Wireless Home Security Systems

Every Austin homeowner or future homeowner knows that a home security system can protect you and your family from break-ins and theft. According to the latest statistics, homes without any sort of security system are three times more likely to be broken into than those that have alarm systems installed.
Since you are looking at this site, you have already begun the decision making process to install a home security system in your Austin home, and that’s a smart choice.

wireless home security

Wired home security systems are the most common type of system in today’s homes. This is mostly due to this type of system being installed during the home’s construction. Most prospective homeowners look for this feature when shopping for a new home, so most contractors are including it in their specifications.

With the advancement of technology, wireless home security systems have become the fastest growing segment of the residential security market. The cost of installing a wireless system in an existing Austin home is much less that having to run wiring through existing walls. These systems can be designed for a small house or apartment up to the most extensive estate. The question most folks ask is, are wireless home security systems as reliable and safe as a hardwired system?

Wireless vs Hardwired Home Security Systems

If you’ve done any research on this topic you are aware that the national security industry as well as Austin security companies are often divided into two camps, those who recommend wireless security systems and those who favor wired. There are a number of differences and each system has its reliability strengths and weaknesses.

Any wireless system is prone to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). This caused a problem with early wireless systems. Advancement in filtering technology has eliminated most all of these false alarms associated with wireless systems.

The cost of the high end wireless security systems can be slightly more than a wired system. This extra cost is normally offset by lower installation costs. Wireless security systems are powered by batteries, so these must be checked regularly. Hardwired components also need a battery backup system however, to compensate for a power outage or in the event an intruder interrupts the power supply.

An advantage to wireless security systems is a built-in wireless technology that doesn’t require a phone line to report alarms. Even if the phone line is cut, all alarm signals will be sent.
Wireless systems provide for easy monitoring when you are away from your home. You can have your lights come off and on at regular intervals to deter break-ins. You can set up a temporary code to give to friends or neighbors to have access to your home to care for pets or plants while you are away. You can set up this through your cell phone and receive emails for each event that occurs, such as your system being disarmed by your neighbor, etc. You can also adjust your system remotely.

Let the Pros Help You Choose

Since TriStar Commercial is an independent Austin security company that has experience with all types of security systems. They can provide you with the highest quality and lowest price systems that fit your individual needs. They are not limited to any one manufacturer as most national companies are, and their prices are extremely competitive. National security companies spend millions of dollars on advertising every year and of course these costs are passed to the consumer. Contact us today for a complete home security review and advice on whether a wireless, wired or hybrid system would be best for you.

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