What Is CCTV?

In modern society, we often hear a word CCTV but not many of us actually know what CCTV is. So what is CCTV? CCTV is an abbreviation for Closed Circuit Television which is also called as video surveillance as well. It is a Television system that signals are monitored and not distributed publicly. Video cameras are used to transmit a certain signal to a particular place with limited monitors. The major difference from the broadcast television is, instead of the signal to be openly transmitted, CCTV employs P2P (point to point), mesh wireless or point to multipoint links.

Although most of all video cameras belong to this definition, the word CCTV is generally applied to the ones used for surveillance in places where monitoring is needed such as airports, casinos, banks, convenience stores and military installations.

Many people consider that CCTV system is a quite new invention; however it was actually first installed in 1942 by Siemens AG in Peenemunde in Germany. Walter Bruch, a reputed German engineer was said to be responsible for the system’s installation and the technological design.

It was 1949 when the commercial CCTV became available for the first time in US. It was named as Vericon. With the invention of reel to reel media, the surveillance footage recording became possible, and then in 1990’s with development of digital multiplexing, the technology was largely enhanced.

Older closed circuit television systems used low-resolution and small black and white monitors and there weren’t any interactive capabilities. The latest modern day CCTV systems can display color with high resolution and provide functions of zooming in on an image or tracking someone or something. There is so called Talk CCTV which enables the administrator to talk to people who are within range of the speakers associated with the camera.

What is CCTV used for? Generally CCTV is used for a various purposes such as;

* To monitor traffic
* To maintain security
* To obtain a visual record of people’s activities.

The styles of security camera come in various, such as bullet, dome, c-mount and infrared. Depends on the purpose of the use and place to be set, you can choose best suited camera accordingly.

Using CCTV surveillance has been improved safety in public places and secured security in general. It has been helping preventing crimes and identifying and arresting criminals. However at the same time, in various parts in all over the world, there have been emerging concern about protection of privacy.