Smoke Detection

Fire and Smoke Detection and Alarm Systems

When considering the type of fire alarm system that is right for your home, consider TriStar Commercial.  An Austin based business that has been installing and maintaining fire and smoke detection systems in Austin homes for over six years.

Our home fire alarm systems are usually part of our total security systems providing burglary protection in addition to fire protection for your home. Our systems supervises doors, windows, and spaces within your home for break-in and we provide monitoring services by dialing your telephone to report a fire or intrusion to our security office, where it will be reported to your local Austin police or fire department.

Components of the System

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Our systems consist of a central control panel to which smoke alarms and heat detectors are connected, along with bells or horns that are activated when the system triggers our alarm systems. Other sensors associated with the burglary functions connect to your doors and windows and can monitor rooms for motion or body heat. The control panel operates from house power but also contains an emergency battery which can operate if the power is not working.

Our systems provide remote monitoring services that can be used to provide medical alert services. Signals received at our monitoring station are identified by type (fire, burglary, medical alert) so that the proper response can be made.

Why Have a Residential Fire Alarm System?

The primary advantage of home fire alarm systems are increased reliability and the ability to place alarms and bells exactly where needed in your home.

Another advantage is that these systems are a way to obtain remote monitoring services. This becomes important in cases where family members may not be capable of escaping from a fire without assistance. For example, if you have an older or physically impaired person in your home and a fire started and no one is home to assist that person, alarms alone might not be enough to insure their safety.

A feature of our monitoring services is the ability to keep special information on your residence which comes up on the computer screen whenever an alarm is received from your home. This allows us to us on pertinent information to the Austin fire department so they will be prepared if you have any special conditions to consider.

5600 Data Sheet

Silent Knight Security provides multiple detectors types.