Keyless Entry Systems

Have you ever wondered how the modern keyless entry systems work? These are amazing tools that allow you to enter your car, your garage or your house without any key. This also allows you to keep your car and your house safe from intruders by using the most modern security techniques possible. Security is a big thing these days. This is especially true for cars.

As you may be aware, the remote keyless entry systems use radio waves for providing instructions. However, there are a lot of radio scanners available in the market today that allow everyone to capture the signal sent by the transmitter. It means that a person can actually read the code sent by the transmitter and use that code to open the keyless entry lock for a garage door or a car. However, things are not that simple. Here are the keyless entry systems explained in a simple manner.

There was a time when the radio transmitters used for providing keyless entry systems were could only produce a few combinations of codes that could be captured by anybody with radio scanners. However things have changed a lot due to miniaturization. Thanks to the advances made in technology, a very small sized chip is used for creating a code that is transmitted to the receiver. The modern controllers make use of the small sized controller chip for generating a rolling code for providing security. Most of the systems make use of a 40 bit hoping code. It means that there are about 1 trillion possible codes that can be sent by the transmitter.

The way the system works is that there is a transmitter that is in your hands. On the other side, there is a receiver that is programmed to function in a specific way on receipt of specific foods. The transmitter contains a chip containing the 40 bit code. When a button is pushed on the key fob, the transmitter sends a 40 bit long code in addition to a function code. In the case of a car, it can mean unlocking the doors, locking the doors, opening of trunk and other such functions.

The way this works is that the controller chip in the receiver also has the 40 bit code. It only functions if it receives the correct code.

The key lies in the random number generator that is used by the receiver and the transmitter. Both of these use the same random number generator and the transmitter makes use of this generator for creating a new code each time. The receiver also makes use of this generator to create a new code. In this manner, the receiver functions only when the number received by it is in sync with the controller chip inside it.

Hopefully, the keyless entry systems explained above answer your queries for remote keyless entry systems.