Keyless Entry Security

Benefits And Types Of Security Systems With Keyless Entry

There was a time when the only way to keep your property secure was to use the traditional locks on the door. Thanks to the advances made in technology, there are a number of security systems with keyless entry available these days. These are available for both residential as well as commercial needs.

The security systems with keyless entry are not only more secure as compared to the traditional security systems but these are also much more convenient to users. Here is a list of some of the common types of keyless entry systems.

Keypad Security Systems

These are the most common type of security systems with keyless entry. As the name suggests, the system features a keypad where the user needs to enter a code for unlocking the door. The system is ideal for homes as well as businesses.

The code needed to unlock the door can be changed as many times as needed which means that you can temporarily share the code with someone and change it once the work is done. Mechanical as well as battery-powered options are available for this type of security system.

Card Systems

This type of security system is mainly used by businesses for better control over entry to particular areas. As the name suggests, this system uses a card to open the door. The biggest advantage of this system is that a large number of access cards can be programmed and given to employees for accessing particular areas.

This system also offers greater control in different areas of the building as the cards can be programmed to provide or restrict access to certain areas. In fact, these systems also allow businesses to restrict access to a particular area to a particular time period.

This system also offers an easy record to see the time when specific individuals accessed a particular area of the building. Also, it is extremely easy to cancel the access of specific cards which ensures that any lost cards or fobs cannot be used for gaining access to the building.

Biometric Systems

These systems are also getting popular these days. These security systems require voice, fingerprint, eye or face to unlock the door which means that one does not need to carry around a physical key or remember a password for locking and unlocking the door. These are highly secure as the system is based solely on the identity of an individual.

Remote Entry Systems

These systems can be integrated with keypad as well as card security systems. With the remote entry system, a door can be locked or unlocked right from your smartphone or from your computer. The biggest advantage of remote entry system is that it offers greater control over security as the door can be locked or unlocked even when you’re not there. Also, those can be remotely unlocked for visitors such as cleaning crews which means that you do not need to give an additional key to others.

Benefits of Security Systems with Keyless Entry

There are a number of benefits of keyless security system. One of the biggest advantages is the convenience as you do not need to carry a key chain full of keys with keys for your car, office and home among others.

One of the biggest benefits is that you cannot lose any keys as there is nothing to lose. In case of physical keys, losing the entire set of keys means that you will need to hire the services of a locksmith to change the locks or get a new set of keys made. Also, physical keys means that you need to create a separate copy of the key for your employees as well as family members. It is difficult to keep track of physical keys as all the employees in your business will have a key and you may not remember after some time how many keys are floating around.

Another big disadvantage of physical keys is that the traditional locks can be easily manipulated, bumped or picked which means that your property is not secure when you are using traditional locks. Since there are no keys required in keyless entry systems, your property is always secure. These security systems do not come with standard cylinders which mean that these locks cannot be bumped or picked.

Keyless security systems offer better security as you need just a card or a code to open the door. Since this code can be easily changed whenever you want, you do not need to hire the services of a locksmith in case you share the code with others.

One of the biggest misconceptions with keyless locks is that some special frame or door is required for installation of these locks. The truth is that these locks do not require any special configuration and can be easily installed in place of the current lock. Also, these locks are stand alone which means that there is no need for a power source or extra wiring. These locks use either standard AA batteries or are mechanical locks which mean that no separate power source is required.

Overall, there are a number of advantages of keyless entry systems. Also, technology is constantly improving and offers more sophisticated controls. These security systems used to cost a lot of money but these days, keyless security systems are available at an affordable price. In case of businesses, keyless security system not only offers greater level of security but also offers greater control over regulating and monitoring employee movement.