Importance Of Security In The Workplace What You Need To Know

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Security workplace standards tend to fall to the wayside in loo of producing for the business. Sadly this can result in many issues with the company that leads to lawsuits, jail time, or even loss of life.

Being aware of your business needs in terms of security and a security plan if a workplace incident occurs is the first step to moving forward. Banking employees, mail carriers, grocery clerks, and countless more employees experience workplace security incidents every year.

There are thousands of events every day in the United States, and sadly Covid-19 hasn’t made anything better. People in a panic or who are on their last straw can cause employees’ issues, and having a place and a plan for them to report incidents can help with employee retention and safety.

We hope to convince you that workplace security is no joke and that, sadly, it’s been taking second place to other procedures for very long. Setting employees’ expectations, putting a plan in place, and having the physical hardware will help get your business closer to success!

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Safety and the Reality of Workplace Security

The Illusion of Safety and the Reality of Workplace Security Threats 

Most people believe that workplace security isn’t something they need for their business because it couldn’t happen here. Surprisingly there are more instances of workplace safety issues than you would think.

OSHA states that nearly 2 million Americans are victims of an incident each year. With this many incidents per year, we highly suggest creating a safe workspace for workers just as a precaution.

Almost every industry has its threats that they have to address. In grocery stores, for example, an employee may get in a confrontation with a customer, or if someone is carrying mail, they may have their bag stolen. Each industry has its challenges.

Threats that are reported in the workplace include robbery, assault, battery, and many more. A zero-tolerance policy has been determined to be the most significant factor in reducing incidents at work. Management will always want to make sure workers have somewhere to report an incident.

Fault and Focus 

It is vital to identify what workplace vulnerabilities your business may have. Narrowing down the vulnerabilities will allow you to focus on creating a plan to help employees and your business. 

The repercussions of not addressing issues could put the safety of employees at risk, risk the integrity of the business, or result in lawsuits.

Assess Level of Workplace Risk 

Once you’ve determined where your risks lie in your business, you’ll need to determine which are the most urgent. Establishing workplace security rules and standards for optimal safety vigilance will be crucial to reduce a potential issue.

We would always recommend creating a workplace emergency responsiveness plan with local emergency responders. This will allow you to deal with a problem as soon as possible. Getting back to business as usual is best after an issue arises.

If the risk is high enough, it may also be necessary to employ security guards for a quicker response. Again, depending on the business, different steps will need to be taken. Security cameras, safe rally points, and proper reporting could all be required.

ID badging and access control can help keep people out who shouldn’t be in the office. Check out solutions on our site!

Executive Workplace Security File

Ensure that your business has public security procedures if an incident occurs; the more people who know how to respond, the better. 

If there isn’t a document covering security procedures, this is the best first step!

Secure Areas and Spaces 

Having a safe area where people can gather during an incident can save lives, depending on the problem at hand. People in groups can be much safer than people alone wandering the halls. Having a plan laid out will make employees feel safer, and your business will run smoother.

Evacuation plans are also a common addition to a security procedure, depending on the incident occurring.

Security Cameras 

Having the most forewarning and proof as possible afterward is always essential. Your business should have security cameras placed at strategic locations to ensure proper coverage of the company.

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Updating the Employee Mindset

With any type of security, whether it’s physical or not, training employees and keeping them informed is by far the best strategy. Employees should be aware of workplace security plans so that they’re able to follow the procedure if an incident does occur.

Ensure that employees know what proper in-office behavior is and what to do if they witness improper behavior. This creates a better work environment for everyone, and many employees will appreciate having a plan in place if need be.

Remember that workplace security plans are only as good as the employee’s ability to follow them.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us. We’re here to help!

Improve Workplace Security Standards Today (50 words)

TriStar is proud to provide security consulting and is here to help with any issues that may arise.  Yes, we sell equipment, but we also can provide services to help you get a plan in place for your business.

Keeping businesses up to new security standards is a huge task, and it is so vital to guaranteeing everyone has a fantastic work experience.

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