Home Security Trends and The Ramifications

For many years, if you wanted to protect your home with a security system, it involved a rather elaborate installation procedure with hookups to your electrical system and significant hardware installation. So there was a pretty hefty setup charge, as well as an ongoing monthly payment with a contract commitment.

Home security is an important safety measure that has been proven to be effective if it is working and does its job. Many burglars will simply leave and go elsewhere if they know a security system is in place, as it is just a lot easier. Why confront a well planned home security set-up when you can go next door and just kick in the front door and not have to worry about alarms and sirens.

The home security trends are evolving, however, as more sophisticated applications are streaming into the marketplace. This is a very significant development, as the FBI claims that there is a home break-in every 13 seconds in the United States today. With easier, and less-expensive costs, it will be possible for more families to be able to afford and install their own home security systems.

The big new deal in home security systems is wireless networking which eliminates having to tie into the home’s electrical system and it makes installation a joy, as various devices can now be placed more appropriately where they will not be discovered by intruders.

There is no wiring to be concerned about and cutting phone lines and electrical lines will have no effect, as the systems are backed up with self-contained batteries. So one of the biggest home security trends is involved with a huge simplicity in the security systems setup and with the equipment.

The wireless configuration makes for a neater and a better organized system and the service is much better because it is possible to have many more access points that serve as monitoring devices all around the home.

Another big event in home security systems is the ability now to provide video surveillance in addition to bells, sirens, lights and sensors. If you have a video of an intruder breaking into your home, you now also have proof that will stand up in court.

New types of cameras are available that don’t look like cameras, but they can double as light fixtures, piggy banks, flower pots and decorative exterior pieces. A camera can be activated by a motion sensor and when the motion ceases, it can be turned off. Since everything is digital, you do not have to worry about winding tape and looking for a specific date on a tape, as you can simply find it instantly from a digital standpoint.

Since the advent of the smartphone, it is now possible to link the home security system directly to your smartphone, so that if there is any activity that is setting off the sensors in your home while you are anywhere else in the world, your smartphone will be notified and so will you.

Your smart phone is also capable of remotely controlling your home security system, such as notifying you of when your children arrive home from school, or if a door or window has been opened. Being able to remotely control what you can see and control in your home, is a great relief and convenience.

In addition to all of that, the convenience of controlling various aspects of your home security system, you can use the technology to help you out in other areas. You can get apps for your smartphone where you can also control the thermostat, to raise or lower the temperature of your home, control the home entertainment system, activate and deactivate various appliances, and so forth.

You might have a digital recording of various dogs barking which can be activated anytime someone approaches the front door. It could be random barks, growls, and other dog noises, played differently at random times if there are people outside. This can be controlled by you from your smartphone.

Instead of having to bolt various sensors and receptors to walls, windows and other permanent locations, these various devices can now just be set about the house in strategic areas. Sensors that react to the breaking of glass or the raising of a window can be places at central locations, instead of having to be at every window.

The ease of use with a wireless system is significant. Now you don’t need a computer monitor in the bedroom, as you can configure everything to your smartphone. You can now configure everything to the point that you can see everything that is going on in every point of vulnerability in your home no matter where you are physically.

There can be as much or as little notification to the police as you wish, as the argument goes about always being hooked up to the police station, is not always the best idea. Early systems set off the alarm when the wind blew, and the police were beset with so many false alarms that they began to charge homeowners for each false alarm.

Now, if you can actually see an intruder lurking around your window and it looks suspicious, you can call the police. Since you can have video access while you are away, this makes a lot of sense.

The newer home security trends are exciting and becoming more and more sophisticated with easier setup and lower costs in getting things started. This is causing a boom in home security systems being installed, which bodes well for the best security in our homes.

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