Fire Alarm Austin – Texas

A lot of home fires go unnoticed when they occur while the family’s asleep. You might be surprised to learn that the odor associated with smoke, while dangerous, isn’t stimulating enough to wake you up. A sharp noise from a smoke detector will have your family up and running in no time at all.

For a fire or smoke alarm to work properly, they should be installed carefully, or by a professional.  If you’re not handy, it’s best to find a friend who is. A friend who likes to do home projects is a good way to go. You can find professional assistance through sites like Angie’s list. They now have an option for those who’d rather call.

Fire Alarm Austin: Get The Protection So Many Are Finding Necessary

From 2000-2004, fifty percent of residential fires started in homes that either lacked smoked detectors, or had none-functioning ones. It has gotten slightly better since then. Two thirds of the population have working smoke detectors. People are starting to see that the statistics don’t lie. You have a much higher chance of surviving a home fire with a smoke detector.

Smoke detectors may make annoying screeching sounds when you’re cooking. The unpleasant interruption’s worth the safety these devices provide. Unexpected fire alarm interruptions let you know that your device is working. Read the instructions after installation to figure out how to set the alarm off when it sounds in an accidental situation like this.

Fire Alarm Austin – Facts Many Are Unaware Of

Smoke alarms aren’t immortal. Many believe that they’ll only have to install this device once. A lot of home-fire deaths have happened because the family was unaware that their device was broken. It’s important to have your fire alarm replaced every ten years. If you are unsure of the age of the detector, because you bought a lived-in home, do a test. A test should be performed every year anyway for safety.

It’s easy to see if your fire alarm’s working. Take a candle, light it, and hold it up to the alarm. If it does not sound, it’s probably broken. Fire Alarms can be tested by anything that produces smoke. Water vapor will not set off the alarm.

Some are unaware of the havoc debris and dirt can have on their alarm system. It’s important for you, or the house keeper, to vacuum around it thoroughly. It may seem a little silly to vacuum the ceiling, but it can do a lot to keep the machine unclogged and functioning.

Hard Fire Alarm Facts: 890 Lives Could Have Been Saved

It’s a hard fact to swallow. Almost a thousand lives could be saved each year if there were working fire alarms installed in each home. A thousand may seem like a small number considering the millions of people living in this country. It happens in every town at least once though. It’s happened to people before, and it can happen to you.

A Fire Alarm Cannot Save You Alone

In the early 2000’s, data was collected which suggested only 27% of families had a fire escape plan. This number is dangerously low. A fire can grow at a rapid pace. Many think that an alarm is enough to get them out of the house on time. An alarm can do a lot to improve your chance of survival, but it can’t do everything.

Preparation is especially important when there are children in the home. They should be taught what the fire alarm sounds like. You should show your kids the proper, and fastest, way to exit the home in case of a fire.

The Flame Does Not Have To Reach You To Cause Damage

Fire alarms help people get out of their homes faster. Which means that they breath in less of the dangerous chemicals associated from smoke. A lot of deaths occur in fires because of chemical asphyxiation, and actually have nothing to do with being burnt. People have been fatally injured by sleeping near a flame.

Where You Need To Place It

It’s especially important to place a fire alarm in your child’s bedroom. This is for obvious reasons. It takes less carbon monoxide to fatally injure them. Plus, they’re your babies. You need to protect them. You should also place a smoke alarm in any other bedroom and the living room. Last, but certainly not least, you need to place a smoke alarm in the kitchen. Even the toaster can start a fire.

Fire Alarms Protect Homes

There’s a lot to lose in a fire. A home is a place were loved ones lived and assets preside. Keep everything as safe as possibly by becoming more informed on the benefits of having a working smoke detector. A fire or smoke alarm can protect your family like it has for so many others.