Ever Wondered How CCTV Can Protect You?

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has now been part a standard offering from security technology manufacturers for decades. The technology has been hailed by both business and government as a cost effective way of reducing levels of crime and proactively monitoring property and public spaces. Individual homeowners have also increasingly turned to various types of CCTV technologies to secure and protect their homes.

So many peope wonder just how CCTV can protect you when you’re at home or in the streets of your city.

Let’s take a look at CCTV use in both the public and the private sector.

#1 CCTV Use In The Streets Of The City.

The use of CCTV makes perfect sense when it comes to crime fighting and the management of logictics in a big city. By using CCTV police and ambulance services can prioritize their efforts and respond more quickly to emergency situations. This in turn allows city management to reduce the numbers of visible police officers of the streets of cities – saving money and decreasing the perception of heavy handed policing. For those of criminal intent it reduces the number of areas where they can hide while planning and carrying out criminal activities.

CCTV systems also allow city management to more efficiently manage and prioritize disaster relief activities when the city is faced with natural disasters.

In an age where global terrorism is increasingly a focus of law enforcement authorities across the world CCTV systems with face recognition software have been recognized as extremely promising in monitoring streets, identifying possible threats and dealing with them in a timeous manner.

There has been research showing that crime in public spaces does decrease (in some instances up to 20% – reolink.com) when CCTV camera systems are put in place. Criminals simply do not feel comfortable when they perceive that thery are being watched.

Some other, less obvious uses in the urban enviroment are concrete examples of how cctv can protect you as you go about your daily business. Think for rexample of busy intersections controlled by traffic lights. During peak hours traffic patterns change and many cities are using information from CCTV installations to manage the intervals of the lights changing in order to optimize traffic flow and ensure the safety of commuters and pedestrians.

#2 Business Use Of CCTV.

Asking how CCTV can protect you as a business owner is a valid question. Even if CCTV systems are in place in the streets of a city does that mean that they are not required in malls and businesses? The short answer is that CCTV systems are a great addition to the security of a business premises, but they also have other uses aside from protecting business investment in the form of stock theft by ‘customers’ entering the store or for the protection of staff and customers from violent assault.

CCTV cameras also ensure that pilfering by employees is reduced, while at the same time being immensely valuable for staff members who might be under suspicion of stealing from a company. These camera systems provide a sense of comfort to staff members due to the fact that they know that they cannot be falsely accused of pilferage.

CCTV cameras can also help to protect the corporate reputation of an organization. In this age of social media it is extremely important that an organization be able to disprove any accusations of bad customer service. footage from CCTV systems can be posted online to provide proof that instances of bad customer service did not occur.

#3 Private Use Of CCTV Systems.

Of course one of the most popular applications of CCTV technology is for home protection and recent technological developments have made these systems even more effective for a number of different functions with the private property environment.

Firstly CCTV is exceptional for perimeter defence and monitoring. An array of CCTV cameras with overlapping fields of view can provide all the infomration that is required to alert the homeowner or security personnel that there has been a potential breach of perimeter security. This allows security personnel to react extremely quickly to any situatiin which might put those in the home in danger or might result in damage or loss of property.

The use of CCTV systems in this manner also reduces the risks of harm to the homeowner who might otherise be tempted to investigate any disturbance on the property. In many cases CCTV footage can be linked to external security companies who can supply armed response teams to investigate any potential secuirty issue. The homeowner is provided with peace of mind due to the fact that professionals are monitoring the home at all times – even when they are not at home. Recent technological innovation such as infra red capability has further improved the abilities of CCTV systems to provide important monitoring information in order to prevent criminal activity.

The use of CCTV systems both outside the home and in the rooms in the home can also provide valuable information for use in prosecuting any criminals who are apprehended during the course of committing a crime.

An added benefit to fitting a CCTV system in private resdiences is the fact that it will contribute to lowering of household insurance premiums.

CCTV systems are contributing to reducing crime in a whole lot of different environments. From the city streets, to business and private residences the technology is proving invaluable. Private homeowners should certainly investigate the advantages of using a CCTV system.