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Monitored Commercial Security Systems Facts: What You Need To Know

With the number of burglar attacks on businesses increasing, the need to have a good security system installed in place is becoming increasingly important to business owners. For this reason, many of them are now reviewing the security systems they have invested in their businesses.

If you are a business owner looking for a monitored security system for your business, then this article is for you. In it, we will be discussing different monitored commercial security systems facts with an aim of educating you on some of the things that you need to so that you can get familiar with these systems ñ demystifying any myths you might be having about such systems.

A good commercial security system is one that protects and safeguards assets by keeping thieves and burglars at bay. Such a system should be highly efficient when it comes to preventing against network hacking, burglary, and fires. At the same time, its components should be comprehensive and should include things like flashing lights, cameras, and alarms among other things.

Monitored Commercial Security Systems Facts

Monitored commercial security systems not only ensure the safety of a company but also ensure that the companies employees are receiving the help they need to deter theft and burglary. The great thing about having such a system is that it can easily detect any unauthorized entries through different monitoring devices.

For most security systems designed for businesses, once an intruder is detected, the system transmits a signal to a monitoring stations known as central monitoring stations that are located nationwide, and which are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. Once an alert is sent, the center administrators immediately notify the local police so that they can send officers to the scene as fast as possible.

Most business owners think that commercial security systems are complicated. The truth is that most of these systems are user-friendly and rather straightforward. Once you have found a good system vendor and have chosen the security system that will work best for you and your business, you should be able to have it installed and operating in a matter of days usually within 2 business days.

How Central Stations Are Monitored

Monitored security systems are great for businesses considering that there are times when you will not be around to watch over your business. When it comes to monitored systems, the central monitoring station plays a very crucial role as it is the part of the security system that actually works at protecting your business.

The control panel of most security systems, which is linked to phone lines, is programmed with info concerning your business location and other essential details. When a disturbance is detected, the alarm is tripped. The panel then sends the relevant information to the security systems central monitoring station. Within a matter of seconds, the central station contacts your office either through a dual-communication monitoring or by phone.

If the security personnel manning the system reach a person, they’ll confirm the persons authorization by having them give a passcode. If there is no answer, or the passcode is incorrect, the personnel immediately notify the relevant authorities. Central stations that are internally managed are required to contact authorities within 45 seconds after the alarm has gone off.

At the same time, they are required to have backup power sources in place. A central monitoring station can be located either within or outside your state. However, this should not worry you. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you settle for a monitored commercial security system that is operated within your state.

How Monitored Security Systems Can Reduce The Number Of False Alarms

False alarms have always been a major concern for authorities and the security industry. The protection and safety of your business is paramount, but calling authorities to a scene where they’re not needed can take lots of valuable time from true emergency situations.

As such, most of these systems have audible delay alarms that are programmed to delay for 45 to 60 seconds before making a sound. This makes it easier to ensure that the number of false alarms are reduced as the delay makes it possible for visitors or authorized employees to provide the relevant identification information. If this does not happen within this time, the central monitoring station contact local authorities and the alarm goes off.

Common Components Of Monitored Commercial Security Systems

Control Panels – All monitored security systems have a control panel that is installed in concealed locations either in the server closet or roof to lower the likelihood of an intruder disabling the system. Power to the entire system is usually located here. At the same time, all essential alarm components are connected to this panel.

Security Keypads – Another common feature of these systems is the security keypad, which is normally installed near a buildings main entrance. This keypad allows you, and your employees to exit and enter the building. Security keypads have a digital readout that states whether the system is on or off and features a way to communicate with someone outside or at the central station.

Motion Detectors – Most monitored security systems feature motion detectors. These detectors, also PIR or Passive Infrared detectors, are designed to trigger the alarm if they sense any movement, and changes in the levels of infrared energy.

Glass-Break Sensors – These sensors are extremely sensitive devices that’ll trigger the alarm if they sense any acoustic shock wave caused by breaking glass.

Door and Window Contacts – These contacts are magnetic devices that are placed along door jambs and window frames to trip the alarm when a door or window is opened while the alarm is active.

Sirens – Siren are loud horns that are often accompanied by flashing strobe lights. They are normally installed in the exterior and interior of the build to draw attention to any disturbance.

When looking for a security system for your business, then the above monitored commercial security systems facts highlight some of the things you should expect to get or see. With this information, making an informed decision when choosing a security system suitable for your business should be easier.

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