What Are the Different Types of CCTV Cameras?

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When it comes time to find the right camera for your facility, several options are on the market. From infrared to dome cameras, there are plenty of choices to fit the needs of your business or home. Here are some of the most popular types of cameras and the benefits that come with them. 

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The Different Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Benefits

There are several types of CCTV cameras that you can use to monitor your home or business. Every industry is different, and there are cameras to meet those needs. Here are a few of these cameras and the benefits that come along with them. 

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Dome CCTV Cameras

Dome cameras get their name from the dome-shaped casing. Since the dome is often smokey in color, it can be hard to tell where the camera is pointed from the outside. These cameras can be placed in various locations, and they are used for both indoor and outdoor security monitoring. Plus, their 360-degree rotation is the ideal choice for those who want to cover all of their angles. These cameras are an excellent choice for shops, restaurants, and any other space that needs a full line of vision. 

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Bullet CCTV Cameras

These cameras are highly visible around a property. With their iconic design, bullet cameras can observe long distances. Most of these cameras are placed outside, and they have a case that can resist dirt, water, and dust. Since they are highly visible, bullet cameras work as a deterrent to would-be intruders. These cameras can be used in a variety of industries, such as agriculture and manufacturing. Many property owners choose bullet cameras to protect their tenants and property. 

PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras

A PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) camera allows you to have more control over your monitored areas. You can quickly pan the camera to the left or right with the touch of a button. These cameras are also designed to tilt up and down while zooming in and out. A PTZ camera is the perfect camera for facilities with a staff of security officers monitoring live video feeds. These cameras are the best option for those who want to remote view their properties. Plus, the camera can cover a larger area than some of those static cameras. 

C-Mount CCTV Cameras

If you are looking to adapt your field of vision, then the c-mount CCTV camera is an excellent choice. These cameras can monitor various distances and their detachable lenses can be easily changed to accommodate your needs. With their highly visible appearance, it is a big deterrent to would-be criminals. You can even place these cameras outside since they have weatherproof housing. Many property owners place these cameras in spots where a long stretch of road can be observed. 

Day/Night CCTV Cameras

In most cases, you want to have a camera that can operate in the daytime and nighttime. Day/night cameras record clear video and are not obscured by various light conditions, such as poor lighting, direct sunlight, glare, or reflections. With an extra sensitive imaging chip, these cameras monitor your site all day long. These cameras will record in black and white, or you can set them to capture the image in full color. You can place these cameras in any spot that needs around-the-clock video surveillance.   

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Network/IP CCTV Cameras

For those who want to access their security footage from anywhere in the world, think about network/IP cameras. These cameras record video with compressed bandwidth, and the footage can be stored on a network video recorder (NVR). Network/IP cameras are easy to set up, and they are low-maintenance systems. These cameras are a great option for property owners who are not always on-site. You can often view the footage from a mobile phone, PC, or laptop. 

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras

If you want a camera that operates in pitch black conditions, then it is time to get an infrared/night vision camera. With infrared technology, those cameras are some of the most expensive options, but they can record in those no-light areas. Along with that, these cameras can capture images in areas with heavy smoke, fog, or dust. Banks, manufacturing plants, and banks are businesses that often take advantage of these types of cameras. 

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Wireless CCTV Cameras

For those who want to minimize camera installation time, these wireless models are a great choice. Plus, they don’t have a bulky appearance like other types of cameras. Wireless cameras produce images that can be viewed from any location. With its secure storage, the footage is easily accessible. Wireless CCTV cameras are an ideal choice for any business that wants to have a tidy appearance but still stay safe. 

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(HD) CCTV Cameras  

HD cameras can deliver high-clarity images from a location. These cameras can capture images in resolutions from 720p to 4K. You never have to worry about distorted or grainy recordings. Along with that, HD cameras also have a zoom function that can deliver perfect clarity. You will often find these cameras in places where there is a higher risk of theft. With clear footage, the security team uses the video to provide undeniable identification of the subject. 

Box Cameras

A box camera is a simple type of camera. A lens is attached to the front of the device while cables transmit images from the rear. These cameras can be placed just about anywhere. Some people even add a zoom lens for more visibility. The housing is designed to protect it from the weather elements. Since these are some of the cheapest options, some property owners will use several to cover a specific site. These cameras can be used in various applications, such as retail shops and manufacturing plants

Final Thoughts on CCTV Cameras

As you can tell, there are several types of cameras. Each of them has its own set of benefits. When it comes time to find the right one for your property, make sure to choose a model that will adequately monitor your site and fit all of your needs. 

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