Every year, security becomes more important. An office building can often be a target for theft and violence. Especially if that building’s located in a metropolitan area. You have a duty to protect your employees while they’re at work. While you can’t fully guarantee that nothing bad will happen, you can at least take measures to make it less likely.

Security Card Access Systems: Everyone In Your Building Will Belong There

In a typical building, you can simply walk into the lobby and go to any floor you want. There may be attendants at the front desk, but these are not professional body guards. Plus, they’re only human. They can easily be distracted. When there is no security card system in place, not everyone who walks into your building will belong there.

A machine can check more people in then a person ever could. For the protection of your assets and employees, everyone who enters should belong in the building.  It isn’t necessary to have the lobby protected by a security card unless you live in a dangerous area. However, you should at least have the floors were workers are protected.

Security Card Access Systems: The Security Card Can Have Two Purposes

A security card will give your trusted employees access to their working area. That’s not all the cards are good for though. They can also work as identification cards. A card can be customized to have a picture of the employee and the title of his position.

Having the security double as an identification card ensures that no one’s getting access to your building because they stole an I.D. off an employee. You will need to have an attendant in the lobby to check these cards.

Perfect For A Clinic

Pharmacies and clinics have been targeted due to their practice of keeping drugs in stock. Even employees have stolen drugs from their working place. Only the doctor and nurses should have access to the storage room. To ensure this, it’s best to have the door protected with a security card access system.

Allows You To Observe When Your Employees Arrive And Leave

Employees love sneaking in at 9:30. They’re hoping the boss won’t notice. You’re sneakier then them though. Some security card access systems come with technology that allows you to see who, and when they used the door to arrive.

Make the employees aware that you’re taking attendance this way. They are much more likely to never attempt to show up late when they know they’re being tracked.
access control security system
Parking Garages

Parking garages can fall victim to violence. This is especially common at night. Thefts know people are walking alone and unprotected to their car. It’s the perfect time to strike.

You can keep these dangerous villains at bay by having an access card system in place at the gate. To be extra careful, an attendant should also be there.

What About Guests?

You may wonder how people visiting your business will get in. If they truly belong there, someone will be expecting their arrival. They will be let in by another employee or yourself.

You may want to have a buzzer system so they can make themselves known. You should also have a security camera in place so you can verify that they’re who they said they were. Some security card systems come with the option of guest passes.

Cards Are More Secure

You may wonder whether having a keypad would be a better option. A keypad cannot protect your business like a card can. If the combination falls into the wrong hands, anyone can get in. Yes, a security card can be stolen. It’s likely that only one card will be stolen though. A combination can be given out to hundreds of people.


Places that carry valuable items should always have their storage closets protected by access cards. These cards should not be given to every employee. A trusted few should have them. It may be necessary to remove a piece of art if it becomes damaged. Having a secure storage closet gives you a safe place to put it until you can have it restored.

Fired The Employee? Disable The Card.

Violence at the work place can come from disgruntled ex-employees. They have been fired or layed off, and are now angry. To protect your employees that managed to keep their jobs, and yourself, buy a system that allows you to disable employee cards once they’ve been let go.

It’s Time To Protect Your Business

Don’t lose what’s putting bread on the table. It’s time to take every percussion to ensure the safety of your establishment. In the world of business, you can’t take too many risks. A security card system is an effective way at establishing order and protection.

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