Car Keyless Entry Systems Explained

Almost all modern vehicle models are equipped with keyless remote entry system or remote keyless entry abbreviated as RKE. This system allows you to unlock remotely or lock your car doors while standing several feet away from your car. The keyfob, sometimes key fob, is the brains behind remotely opening your trunk, setting security alarm on and off, and locking and unlocking of car doors. Keyless entry system can be obtained from any dealer despite the common misconception that people can only buy from local car dealers. As a matter of fact, you can even order your keyless entry remote online.

But how does a keyless entry system work? This article features a keyless entry systems explained and can give you an idea of what it entails. The key fob contains a programmable chip that can accept a certain type of codes. These codes can only be interpreted by the onboard computer of the car. While the system of codes is universal, there are certain security measures that are taken into consideration. For instance, the transmitted signal is encoded as rolling or hoping code. This make the controller and the key fob share a 40-bit code using a particular algorithm.

The code transmitted to the cars computer is known as the action code. The action code determines which function the car should execute such as locking the passenger door. A Pseudo-Random Number Generator produces a 40-bit code every time the key fob button is pressed. This causes a synchronization of both the receiver and transmitter. In some cases, the receiver may not receive the code transmitted by the transmitter and therefore it tries to predict a probable number from the next 256 calculated codes.

Note that there are trillions of possible codes that can be generated by the transmitter but only 256 codes are acceptable. Some expensive vehicles are equipped with smart key fobs that can transmit and receive critical vehicle data in real time. These fobs are embedded with small LCD screen that can display tire pressure, oil level, window status and other vital diagnostics data.

The keyless entry technology is rapidly growing and in the near future, you will be using your smartphone as your key to all access controls including your home. Some key fobs may also allow keyless entry to your garage. In general, keyless entry systems explained in this article can help you get an idea of exactly what your car keys does the moment you press a button.