Business Video Surveillance: Benefits Of Surveillance Cameras

Business video surveillance

If your business doesn’t have a surveillance system already in place, there are many crucial reasons to install one ASAP. They might seem like a bit of an investment at first, but they do far more than just let you survey your entire building.  

Safety is always a top priority for businesses. There are things like the safe use of the equipment and reducing the risk of worker injury that a video surveillance system can help oversee. 

Why is it important to have security cameras?

business security cameras

Over 75% of businesses have some form of video surveillance in use daily. The most common is the use of CCTV. These video surveillance systems are a collection of cameras that are around the inside and out of a building that offers a live visual feed via a circuit. 

Some systems offer premium features such as night vision, bulletproof housing, and automated tracking features. Not every system will offer all of the bells and whistles, but video surveillance has become vital to businesses

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Top 10 reasons why your business needs video surveillance 

  1. Security Cameras Increase Overall Safety. Positioning cameras across the business, inside and out, can help deter potential break-ins. 
  2. Video Surveillance Can Help Prevent Shoplifting by customers and employees. Most small businesses experience some loss of revenue due to shoplifters—both internal and external. American retailers lose $50 billion annually to theft. Shoplifting accounts for almost 36% of that. The highest rates of internal robbery occurred when a company had fewer than 100 employees.
  3. Improves Safeguards. Having a video surveillance system at your business safeguards against theft and other internal issues. 
  4. Protects Against Burglary. Most burglaries are a mixture of forced entry and a crime of opportunity. Having a video surveillance system outside of your business is no different from deadbolting your door at home. It helps to deter those who are looking for an easy break-in. 
  5. Improved Perception of Concern for Customer Safety. Customers notice when a business cares about their safety. The presence of a video security system shows customers that you are watching out for them. While we don’t like to think that bad things can happen while they are happily shopping in your store, they can happen. 
  6. Improves Outside Security for Customers and Employees. Customers walking out to their vehicle after shopping feels safer knowing that there is some form of security. The outside video surveillance system can also ensure closing employees safely make it out of the building.
  7. Security Cameras Can Lower The Risk of Vandalism. As a business owner, you are responsible for any damage done to your building, including vandalism. A single act of vandalism can cost a business over three thousand dollars. Having cameras outside can deter these delinquent acts. 
  8. Increases Sales. This one may surprise you. But having a video surveillance system in place can help you track traffic and buying patterns. Does one specific endcap always empty out before the aisle does? This system gives you the advantage of seeing how your shoppers interact with your store.
  9. 24/7 Peace of Mind. Around-the-clock surveillance helps you to monitor your business from almost anywhere. This real-time monitoring helps to ensure you are on top of what’s going on with your business even when you can’t be there. 
  10. Can Help Avoid legal Claims and Fraud. That security system can also help you keep your products safe from devious acts, but it can also help prevent lawsuits. Having video evidence of the actual events can help avoid costly legal expenses. 

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How Long do Security Cameras Keep Footage?

Depending on the type of system, most of them will hold surveillance footage anywhere from thirty to ninety days. The quality and style of equipment can also affect how long a system holds onto the footage.

How often should security cameras be monitored?

If you have the ability to watch your system 24 hours a day, there is no better way to monitor your business. At the very least, do a full inspection of the system every three or four months.

How much does a security system cost for a business?

TriStar Commercial carefully blends human interaction and technology to exceed their customer’s expectations. Their commercial surveillance systems are easy to use and affordable. TriStar Commercial offers various CCTV system options.

What are the best security cameras for business?

CCTV or closed-circuit television systems are a valuable tool that can help you monitor your business, employees, and customers’ safety. These systems are a powerful crime deterrent and can be customized to fit any business’s needs. Top-of-the-line cameras, DVR systems, and video entry systems will provide organizational awareness. 

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Bonus Business Security Tips

  1. Keep your system safe from hackers. Change your surveillance passwords often or when employees with access leave the company. 
  2. Avoid Video Surveillance Legal Liabilities. Be sure to avoid areas that people expect to have their privacy. Things such as dressing rooms, exam rooms, bathrooms, or any other location might be protected by state privacy laws.
  3. Strategically Place Cameras. Over cash registers and all entrances is a must, but be sure to go over your building layout and identify any blind spots that could potentially prompt hazardous situations. 
  4. Store Video Footage in the Cloud. Cloud-based storage systems offer more storage space and flexible access for additional users and access from remote locations. 
  5. Increase Business Security with Additional Camera Features. By adding extra features, you can improve the effectiveness of your system. Night vision, adjustable angles, and weatherproof options are great additions to any system.

Video surveillance systems give you the advantage of monitoring your company. TriStar is family-owned and operated. They provide professional installation by trained professionals. A video surveillance system will help protect your business from threats, incidents and give you a different insight. TriStar Commercial has an expert staff that will help you create a custom system for your business. 

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