Why Everyone Is Switching To AI Video Surveillance

AI Video Surveillance cameras

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly common in video surveillance for many businesses. 

AI video surveillance is also known as video analytics. It uses algorithms to analyze all video obtained from the surveillance cameras to detect objects, humans, and attributes. It can also be programmed to identify, recognize, and track specific behaviors.

AI offers several benefits you can’t find with traditional surveillance methods, including improved efficiency and functionality. It is becoming increasingly more affordable too.

This article will look at the specific benefits you can expect from AI. These benefits include how AI supports staff attention and focus on screens, recognizes various threats, and improves the outcomes of your business.

Let’s look further at why businesses are switching to AI video surveillance.

Supports Security Staff Attention and Focus

Companies with security cameras typically have multiple units installed in various locations inside, outside, and around the property. These cameras feed to numerous screens for your security staff to monitor.

Studies have shown attention and focus can lag after prolonged periods of looking at a monitor. For example, someone watching a single screen for over twenty minutes demonstrates a 95% decrease in their ability to stay focused.

Attention and focus decrease even more with additional screens.

With AI video surveillance, you are all but eliminating this risk. AI has the built-in ability to scan every monitor simultaneously in seconds. AI filters out possible false alarms and reports the anomalies immediately. 

Once alerted, security staff have the necessary attention and focus to determine the threat’s nature and whether action is needed.

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Detects Different Threats

Not only does AI video surveillance detect possible threats, but it identifies them based on two categories: object and behavioral.

Camera catching people walking

Object Detection

One way AI identifies threats is through the identification and classification of objects. An object can be anything in the field of vision, including people, accessories, vehicles, and flag poles. 

AI scans each object to compare it to its extensive database of similar things. Objects that fit within the parameters AI is expecting to find are dismissed.

Unexpected or unusual objects are flagged for further attention.

A flagged object could be a vehicle parked unlawfully near the company’s fence perimeter. It could be a weapon. It could also be a briefcase left unattended in a crowded walkway.

AI can also detect if an object’s features stand out. For example, AI recognizes if a back pocket or backpack has a bulge that shouldn’t be there.

Since AI can recognize these threats and alert staff in real time, it allows for more immediate, proactive responses.

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Behavioral Tracking

AI uses behavioral analytics to help security staff sort out inappropriate, suspicious, or alarming behaviors in video surveillance.

Typical motion detectors will alert staff to any movement on the camera. For example, alerts would include the expected activities of customers and the leaves rustled up by the wind.

As with object detection, AI scans the camera feeds in search of abnormal behavior. Then, it tracks all the behaviors and compares them to its stored list of expected or typical actions given the location.

AI learns which behaviors are unusual and alerts security staff of the possible threat. For example, the system will alert if someone is loitering outside, attempting to scale a fence, trying to shoplift an item from your store, or acting aggressively toward staff or other customers.

AI targets those unusual behaviors so your staff can take immediate action if needed.

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Improves Your Business Outcomes

There are two ways AI video surveillance can improve your business outcomes. 

First, it provides staff with a quicker video search when a crime has occurred. Next, it allows you to detect trends to inform your business practices.

Studies have shown that employing these smart technology systems in cities and businesses may reduce crime by 30-40%.

employees high-fiving

Search Quickly

AI will allow you to search video quickly if a crime occurs or a threat is identified.

Input the search parameters for the person you are looking for, including facial characteristics, dress, and accessories. The system then quickly scans the various feeds to identify individuals fitting your requirements.

Even if the system finds several people with these identifying characteristics, staff can quickly identify the individual to take action or dismiss to move on to the next.

This type of search also responds despite low picture quality or if the monitor captured only a partial image of the person of interest.

By searching your system more quickly, staff can promptly resolve the problem or capture the culprit.

Identify Trends

Another positive outcome of AI video surveillance is your ability to detect trends or patterns to inform your business further.

Object detection may reveal areas where people tend to loiter and allow you to address it.

You might identify areas that are increasingly popular during certain days or times through behavioral analytics. You could then modify the site to improve traffic flow or put up additional displays of the items for better access.

You may also find areas of vulnerability that would benefit from increased security measures. 

Implementing AI video surveillance allows you to improve your business operations continually, leading to a healthier bottom line.

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Ready to See the Benefits of AI for Yourself?

AI video surveillance’s benefits are encouraging more companies to make the switch.

You will find improved attention and engagement as security staff can focus and direct their attention on the input that really matters.

You will be better attuned to threats as AI analyzes objects and behavior in real-time.

You will also improve your business outcomes through rapid video analysis and identification of trends.

Don’t wait to strengthen your security. Invest in your new AI surveillance system today.

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