We all expect our homes and everything in it to remain safe, whether we are home or away.  The only issue is that there is a lot of wayward people who do not understand the concept of privacy. They believe they have the right to take and own other peoples property. In as much as they might have the impulsive desire to steal, you can still follow the 7 preventing burglar tips for your home listed below.

1.    Lockdown the Home
Almost 30% of all burglary cases are linked to situations of unlocked doors and around 20% linked to unlocked windows. This is not to say that the said burglar has the right to invade and steal from your home. Nevertheless, ensuring that you lock the doors and windows is one of the main steps that we all should take to ensure that we give your homes some reasonable level of security.

2.    Use Strong Locks
Never assume that you leave in a secure neighbourhood. Make sure you should put the best high-quality locks and lock systems in place. The goal of amping up your home security is not just to keep out home invaders. It should also ensure that even the most persistent of invaders will find a hard time working the locks. Even though having strong locks is a good measure, the locks will mean little if they are used in on feeble doors and windows. Work with good quality deadbolts and even consider things like doorjambs.

3.    Keep the Home Lit
We tend to look for sense in many of the various burglary prevention ideas that are out there. However, sometimes some of them will sound funny and illogical yet they have a definite impact on security. One of them is leaving the lights on when you out of the home, especially during the night. Statistically, home invaders work best in the dark thus they are most likely to pass a bright and well lit up home and go to one that has no lights on. Installing lights that switch on automatically when it gets dark or motion sensor lights will go a long way in boosting your home security measures.

4.    Consider Canine Security
Dogs have a very sharp sense of hearing. They might be mans best friend yet can be very protective on their master and his property. Having a dog can be as a pet and also as a security measure. Dogs are great deterrents of unwelcome and unknown home visitors and invaders. A dog will be very vocal when it notes any intruder, and you should never assume the barking once it starts and is consistent. The noise the dog makes works against the intentions of the intruder, especially because most burglar work in an incognito mode. Having a dog will be a security measure that in works for you and your neighbour.

5.    Install Security Alarms
While the dog might qualify to be an alarm to alert you of intruders by barking, installing, a security alarm system will also be a good option. Security alarm systems are a booming business in this modern age. A loud siren will scare off anyone who trigger it, and home invaders do not like that whining loud sound. Did you know that security conscious homeowners are never shy of warning all would be invaders of the presence of top-notch security measures? Signs saying ìProtected by XXXX Security Systems and those saying ìBeware of Dogs are the most common burglar deterrent signs found at the main gate.

6.    Be Your Neighbors Watchman
It is necessary for people to start embracing community policing. It is a simple duty that everyone should take up that involves knowing a bit about their neighbor, and being on the lookout for any suspicious persons or activities. Bear in mind that any burglary is never a haphazardly done mission. Home intruders take the time to stake out the home to deduce when and how to execute their mission. It is thus important always to pay attention to any suspicious persons or activities and report them to the relevant authorities.

7.    Keep a Tight Lid on Your Ins And Outs
It is important to keep some details about your movements private. Avoid announcing when you are leaving your home. If you have to announce, then let it be to people that you will leave in charge of looking after your home.

It is important to know that taking every possible burglar prevention measure is not full-proof safety for your home. Nevertheless, taking into considerations the above 7 preventing burglar tips will help stifle a burglary.

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